Macaila and Matthew

I had just got back from flying all night as I was returning from my short-term missions trip in Guatemala. I spent most of that day sleeping as I had no sleep that night from hopping from airport to airport. After a long nap I suggested to Matthew that we go on a picnic that evening to catch up after not seeing each other that week.

As we got in the car, Matthews face filled with panic. He couldn’t find his wallet. While we were searching all over the car, Matthew got a call from @jdallison saying that his wallet had been left back at his hunt camp in Deacon. I knew that Matthew would not be happy about this, as he does not enjoy driving long distances in the evening, especially when he has work the next day!!!!! I was trying to be as positive as possible, and explaining to him that at least we were together and that we could make the best out of it.

He still wasn’t super thrilled but off we went. We were driving down the dirt road that led to his hunt camp, and he spontaneously turned off to the area where our dream wedding spot has always been. I didn’t think anything of it, because we go there often just to dream and talk. We parked as we usually do and as I looked up, I spotted a pathway lit up with tea lights and mason jars. I yelled With tears streaming down my face “ITS HAPPENING ISNT IT”. . We walked down the pathway, I could hardly keep myself together. Matthew bent down on one knee reading me a sweet letter that he wrote, and then asked me to be his WIFE.

Proposal Ideas In the pine forest behind his cottage ( Deacon, ON.)

Macaila and Matthew's Engagement in In the pine forest behind his cottage ( Deacon, ON.)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the pine forest behind his cottage ( Deacon, ON.)

Special Thanks

Jon Allison
 | Photographer