Mabellin and Francisco

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How We Met

Francisco and I met in Vegas in June 2014. I had gone for my best friend’s bachelorette/wedding and he was there for his friend’s bachelor weekend as well. I was having a good time with my friends when he came up to me and asked me “hablas español” ? He was very interested in finding a girl that could speak Spanish lol. In Spanish I said “SI” and ever since that night we have been inseparable, literally we talk every night before we go to bed. That is a picture of the night we met! We took a picture without even knowing what the future would unfold for us. But I am thankful I have a picture of that night because not many can say they have a picture of the day they met their significant other.

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how they asked

Fast forward 3 years to my 25th birthday. I had planned my birthday-day on the “Flower Fields” out in Carlsbad,CA, needless to say it is about and hour and a half away from where I live. He said it was my day and I should do what I thought would make me happy. The day before I went shopping in the morning and I sent him a picture of a dress I had liked but had not purchased. I literally had sent him the picture and 30 seconds later he replied saying it was perfect and I had to go get it and so I did. The night before it I was also doing my research on “the flower fields” and I started questioning if I wanted to go because I started overthinking the traffic and he quickly said “really”?

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So I said fine fine we will make the best of it… but little did I know I was going to get the biggest surprise of my life. When we arrived to the flower field, he let me do my thing, took a thousand pictures of me, was not nervous at all, not showing any signs. After a while of walking around we sat on a bench and stated playing with the GoPro because we hadn’t gotten any good pictures of the both of us yet.

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He then asked if I could read my birthday card aloud. He set the GoPro to record without me noticing and little by little every word led to “I know it’s your birthday and you should be getting a gift but this year I would want you to gift me a YES”. Of course I said YES!

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