Mabel and Johnny

Where to Propose in San Jose, Costa Rica

How We Met

I was in Nicaragua visiting some friends and they were celebrating a camp at their church… When I First saw him, I said to my self OMG he’s so handsome (but he didn’t know).

Then in the camp, I was alone thinking about a lot of things and he showed up and I said something that made him think that I was the one, and then the story began.

how they asked

He said “Honey we have an appointment to a photo shot a friend of mine wants to do for us” I was like “Ok, lets do this” there’s a place in Costa Rica that I always wanted to go and we made a trip to that place and one of his BFF was playing a song and then just happened.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Jose, Costa Rica

Special Thanks

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Singing the song when he asked
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