Lyss and John


How We Met

John and I’s paths crossed long before we started dating. His grandmother was actually my siblings and I’s preschool teacher. We finally official met in high school gym class, the most romantic of spots of course.


He was a senior and I was a sophomore, he then proceeded to ask me to prom at least 20 times with my answer being no every persistent time, mainly because John has the sweetest face that you can never tell if that smile is joking around or not and I totally thought he was joking! When he finally asked me out(not to the prom), I finally took him serious, and we have been together ever since!


Fast forward 6 years later to 2016!! John is a firefighter for Kansas City Missouri and I’m graduating college!

how they asked

John and I love our birthdays because they are back to back (His August 1st and mine August 2nd) and we always spend those days together doing our favorite things and being stupid happy.

This year, the day before John’s birthday we took a road trip with some friends to a farm outside of town. Where we swim in the lake, drink too much and watch the sunset on the hill singing along to our favorite music.


When we got back into town John suggested that we go to our favorite restaurant downtown and do some shopping. It was honestly the perfect evening, of shopping, laughing, good food and amazing end of summer drinks. When we got back to the house it was super late and I was getting ready to head home.


John was so persistent that I stay until the clock struck midnight and then it would be my birthday and I could open one of my gifts! I was so tired and kept insisting that I was just going to open them tomorrow. A couple minutes before midnight, he could not keep this secret anymore and asked me to please open a gift early.

Ripping into the present he said “It’s a little bit premature” as I opened the box I pulled out a shirt that read firefighters wife, John was on one knee, saying the sweetest things and asking me to marry him!!


I blurted out “Are you joking?! Yes?! Is this really happening?!” and started crying like a baby! John confessed that he had the ring with him ALL weekend and got too nervous to ask in public, which I think is adorable.


We spent the next day telling all our friends and family the good news, which is just one of the happiest feelings, am I right?!


We are making our birthday week even sweeter by getting married August 4th of next year.


I cannot wait to spend the rest of my days married to my best friend!!