Lysandra and Shawn

How They Asked

Shawn gets really stressed out with buying gifts and surprises so normally I handle all of that so this proposal was the best surprise of all. During the Summer of 2018, we booked a trip to London and Paris to ring in 2019 in Europe. On New Years Eve morning, a few days into our trip, Shawn took me to the famous Tower Bridge which holds all the Crown Jewels for our photo shoot. He had surprised me on Christmas Day about my photo shoot as a gift. Something I had mentioned when we booked the vacation since we never have any cute couple photos on vacation. About 15 minutes into our photo shoot he asked me if “I’m ready” and that’s when he got down on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in London , England

I barely remember all the people cheering around us and I was kissing him before I ever told him yes or had the ring on my finger. I was so clueless that I didn’t even think the photographer was in on it. How he hid the ring from me in a hotel room is beyond me. We then rang in the new year that night with even more reason to celebrate and then the next day we were on our way to Paris!

Lysandra's Proposal in London , England

Special Thanks

Wayne La
 | Photographer