Lynsy and Ethan

Lynsy's Proposal in Lake by his family’s house

How We Met

My best friend went to school in a small town with Ethan’s boss’s wife, and I met her at my BFF’s bachelorette party over 4 years ago. She does photography for her husband’s fly-fishing business that Ethan guides for and posted their company Christmas card on Instagram right before Thanksgiving. My mouth literally dropped when I saw Ethan’s smile, and I immediately took a screenshot to send to my BFF (I figured she knew him since it was such a small town) but she had no idea who he was. I was totally bummed and decided to follow him on Instagram. A week or so passed and nothing happened. I couldn’t get him off my mind, so I decided to DM him. He had a lot of gorgeous sunset/nature pictures on his page, so I messaged him asking if he was a photographer and if I could buy some of his prints. 4 hours slowly passed by, and I had already convinced myself he was married. Finally, he messaged me back and politely denied that he was a photographer, turned on his small-town country charm, and we had our first date 2 days later! I knew before I even met him that he would be the man I would one day marry, and over 2 years later, we are finally engaged!!!!

How They Asked

WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!! My boyfriend Ethan of 2+ years proposed on his 27th birthday! I called him and told him to meet me at the lake down by his parent’s house before we all went to dinner to celebrate his birthday because I wanted to take some selfies to post since we didn’t have any recent pictures. After waiting at the lake for over 20 minutes (he was on his way home from work which was only 10 minutes away) he pulled up in the opposite of the development direction (coming from his parents’ house – he went to get the ring!).

Shortly after, Ethan said his dad was coming down to take a good picture of us for me to post. I thought that was weird, but I went along with it. The wind was blowing, it was FREEZING outside and I just wanted to hurry so we could all get inside where it was warm. After getting a few failed shots of me wrestling with my hair, Ethan said, “You know what would be the best birthday gift?… If you would be my wife”. I was SHOCKED😍

Where to Propose in Lake by his family’s house