Lynsey and Peyton

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How We Met

Peyton and I both transferred to Clemson University and made the Coed Cheerleading team for the 2013-2014 season. We didn’t really talk much that year or get to know each other. I just saw him as some guy on the same team as me and he saw me as a quiet girl who he cheered with. Around tryout time for the 2014-2015 season, we started stunting together to prepare for tryouts. That year, I ended up breaking my ankle during my tryout. He was the one who carried me to the car because I couldn’t walk. He sat me in the car and said “It’ll be okay babe” as he kissed me no the forehead. I was so confused, wondering why he did that. Little did I know, he is just naturally a sweet and caring man. So I started to wonder about him and of course, I thought he was cute.

Over the summer, we kept up with each other a little but only saw each other like 2 times. Once we got back to Clemson and the season started, we began to hangout in large groups and I think we both were just getting a feel of one another, letting our crushes develop. Eventually he asked me to go get a milkshake with him one night. I agreed and we went and talked a lot. I thought he was telling me he wasn’t interested. He says he was telling me he was, but he had to take care of some things before he could take me out on a date.

About 2 weeks after that, he asked approached me as I was in the library studying and asked me to go on a date with him. I said yes! So that Friday we enjoyed a nice dinner together and then got some doughnuts for dessert and took them to the rowing docks here in Clemson where we continued to talk and get to know each others’ personalities and hearts. Because that went so well, he asked me to go on another date, which lead to another. On the third date, we went to our favorite Clemson restaurant, Brioso, and then to Y Beach to watch the sunset. He also wanted to teach me to dance because I’m not so good at it. As we danced and laughed, he asked me to be his girlfriend and that’s how our story got started! It’s crazy how fast these 2 years have gone by!

how they asked

Peyton created a short scavenger hunt to get to our favorite spot in Clemson. It all started in our coach’s office, which confused me because I was supposed to be going to eat in Greenville, SC with 3 friends for a birthday! From our coach’s office, I was lead to The Rock at our football stadium. This was where we spent many Saturdays cheering on our Tigers together. When I got there, two of our friends, Baxter and Joe, were there. I was so confused and asked them what they were doing there. But they didn’t really give me an answer.

So they told me that in preparation for an event we had the next day in the stadium, they were going to help me practice interviewing, which I immediately thought was so weird. So I went along with it as they asked to list 5 qualities of Peyton. This was easy, yet challenging at the same time because he has so many good qualities. I said that he is thoughtful, funny, sweet, dependable, and gracious. Once I completed that, they eventually handed me over the next clue and jumped in the car with two of my other friends and me.

This clue led me to Y Beach, which was where he asked me to be his girlfriend. When I got there, two of our other friends, Lucas and Lauren, were waiting. They told me I had to do a cheer about Peyton. I’m not so creative or good with words so I was clueless at first on what to do. They came up with the idea to use a cheer from Clemson and change it to his name so I took his favorite cheer and performed it, but I made my friend do it with me because I felt so awkward! Looking back, this was all so entertaining and perfect. Finally, they gave me the last clue and we all got back in the car.

This clue led me to the rowing docks where we went on our first date. Everyone in the car told me that this was where they left me. There was a sign saying to follow the roses so I did that.

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I didn’t find the first one for a while but once I did I kept finding them and picking them all up because they were so pretty. Those led me to a blanket, which had a journal laying on it with sticky notes marking certain pages. Peyton secretly kept a journal from the time we started dating until the day of the proposal. I started reading through it and tears started coming.

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About half way through, Peyton came down and read the last few pages out to me.

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This was so sweet. Once we finished reading, he told me he had one more thing, which was a question. As I turned around, he was on one knee with a ring box in his hand. This is when he asked me to marry him.

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I was so happy and emotional and obviously said yes! He had set this whole thing up with go pros everywhere I and 2 of our friends, who are photographers, at the final spot capturing it all.

The video is coming soon! August 20, 2016 will forever be a day I remember and cherish. Now, I can’t wait until June 4, 2017 when I get to marry the man of my dreams!

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Special Thanks

Dawson Powers
 | Photographer
Matthew Tilley
 | Photographer