Lynsey and Luke

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How We Met

We met online through a dating app. For everyone out there wondering – it does work!! He had made the first move in talking to me and we talked non stop after that. Our first date was after a week of talking and we closed the restaurant down. A 5.5 hour date felt like we had been together forever at that point. It was so easy to carry on conversation, we laughed and talked (literally for hours) and had so much fun.

how they asked

We were down at the beach at sunset. It was the day of my best friends birthday, so I thought it would be cute to write Happy Birthday in the sand and take photos with it. I decided to put on a cute dress and he thought perfect! So he put on a nice dress shirt and away we went. I picked up a stick and his response was “I think you need a better stick”, not knowing he was trying to stall me. As I’m off in my world writing in the sand, he had asked a man on the beach with his family if he could record Luke making the biggest decision of his life. Before I knew it we were standing together with his new friend taking our photo and he got down on one knee! I really don’t remember what he said because I was in such shock, but I know he said he wanted to grow old with me & that he loves me.

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