Lynsey and Benjamin

How We Met: Ben and I met on Tinder, a dating app that you can download on a smart phone.  I had several friends who used Tinder and I always poked fun at them for using it.  They finally talked me into it and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Who knew I would find my future husband on Tinder!  We had mutual friends in common and one night we decide to get a group together and meet in person.  We had a great time and continued to see each other from there on out.

how they asked: Our anniversary was on a Friday and Ben wanted to take me out to celebrate.  I was a high school teacher and a cheerleading coach and had to get my team to the Regional competition the next morning so I told him we should just have a low key evening and that he didn’t need to plan anything special for me.

Ben and I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Oklahoma City, Mickey Mantle’s Steak House.  We shared a lovely dinner together and after he finished his meal he told me he would be right back. I figured he was just using the restroom so I waited…and waited…and waited!  Finally, the hostess comes over to our table and tells me that the bill has been covered and my ride is waiting for me outside the restaurant.

I was so irritated, I thought Ben had just left me sitting there all that time and got the car. She then hands me a card that says, “Sorry I had to scoot, but I must give you the ‘boot’. The bill has been paid, now there is fun to be made.  Get up and go outside, I’ll give you a lift.  You’re now on an adventure to find your anniversary gift!”

I ran out the front door of the restaurant in excitement and saw a beautiful carriage waiting for me.  The driver of the carriage handed me another card that said, “All Aboard! Your gift might be ‘made for walking’ but I’ll give it away if I do anymore talking… Please enjoy this leisurely ride and at your next destination your gift no longer will hide.  You’ll be seeing it soon.  Just look for the pretty balloons!”

After a few blocks in a carriage I noticed a pink, purple, and silver balloon on the sidewalk next to a beautiful waterfall in the Myriad Gardens.  The driver let me out of the carriage and I walked over to the balloons.  Attached to the balloons were a gorgeous pair of red cowboy boots I had been dying for!  Another note was attached to the boots, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! One last wish I’ll ask of you, please go ahead an try on your shoes.

image (6)

Once you’re sure they’re going to fit, another clue will come and then we’ll split!”  The waterfall had an area I could sit down to try on my boots so I did just what the note told me and started trying on my new boots! Out of nowhere, Ben appears and gets done on one knee and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.   I would have been happy with just the boots for an anniversary surprise!

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The engagement and the fact that he included my family and best friend made it the best day ever! Waking up early for a cheer competition  the next day was even more exciting when I got to tell my group of 25 cheerleaders the proposal story! I have included several pictures from our engagement shoot where I am wearing the boots he got me when he proposed!

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