Lynn and Alex

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How We Met

People always ask how we met and we always say “high school”, but what happened to us was just destiny! We briefly met during summer school in 2008 when we were 16 and 17. That year, there happened to be a budget cut so they had made all of the high schools in the bigger region go to one high school for summer courses. (We were both there to get ahead, such nerds, I know.)

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My friend and I would always check him out in the hallways because of his shoes which earned him the nickname, “shoe guy”. We would always say “Hey, did you see the shoe guy’s shoes today?” He loves it when I tell this part. *eye roll* The only interaction we had during that summer was when we randomly sat at the same cafeteria table and I remember telling my friend a story that made him laugh. (I’m quite an animated storyteller.)

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Summer school ended and we never got each others’ names nor did we know which high schools the other went to. That was it! Or so we thought…. One month later, we both ended up taking academy courses at the same high school and and as I was riding off back to my school on the bus, when at a glance, I noticed this guy’s shoes and thought… “is that the shoe guy?!” I quickly texted my friend since she was in the same summer class as him and asked her if she remembered the “shoe guy’s” name.

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I searched him up on Facebook and reached out to him which I found out that he attended my rival high school. Should’ve stopped me but nope. Fast forward, I asked him to go to my homecoming with me which we had a ton of fun. We kept talking and meeting up during the brief moments that we were at our academy courses. 2 months after that, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And we of course went to prom together, making a ton of memories. 2 fluffy butts and a house later and I get to marry my high school sweetheart/best friend!

how they asked

It was the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and we had planned months ahead to head out to a lake-house with 17 of our friends. That morning, I had woken up and decided that I was going to do very light makeup and dress comfortably since there wasn’t much going on that day except the 3 hour drive to the lake-house (Oh how little I knew of what was to come). Alex had kept complaining about how it was going to thunderstorm all weekend and seemed flustered about it. I reassured him that it’ll still be fun being stuck in the house with 17 other people as we had booked a rather large house and we always found different things to do! So us and half of our friends made a Costco trip and headed to the lake-house first as everyone else was arriving the next day. It was a very scenic drive but yet felt sooooo long.

When we finally pulled up into the lake-house, we unloaded the cars and were marveling at how beautiful the weather was that day in spite of all the rain to come. As I was unpacking, the girls said “Hey, let’s go down to the docks and check it out and take pictures!” I thought to myself… uh I’m not taking any pictures, I look like a bum! As I came out, I saw Alex in a totally different…nicer outfit and brand new shoes… Remember shoe guy? So no surprise there. I did remember asking him why he looks so nice and he nonchalantly replied, “I’m taking outfit pictures with my new shoes.” Trust me, this isn’t normal for him but for some reason it didn’t raise any flags for me. HA HA. So the girls and I headed down to the docks with our wine glasses in hand and we took a couple pictures here and there. I looked back and the guys were coming down the steps to “check out the docks”.

I even recorded an Instagram video of them walking down. Alex had borrowed his brother’s new camera and set it up on the tripod because everyone kept asking for group pictures. We setup the camera and posed and I remember thinking oh gosh, I have no makeup on and I look like a bum, I ain’t posting these!!! Then they said let’s do couples pictures! And of course, I was not in the mood for pictures since I didn’t think I looked any decent but each couple did a bunch of cute poses and took pictures and they said “alright, Alex and Lynn you’re up!” So we did what we did best and did our goofy poses. I guess they were too goofy because then one of our friend started telling us what poses to do like “now, hug! now, kiss! now, look at the sky!” After we were done looking at the sky, I was over it and I was like, “OK cool” and as I turned around, I saw the panic in their eyes and was confused and when I looked over to Alex, he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee.

It turned out that the no makeup thing was a BLESSING because my eyes turned into waterfalls. I was crying so much that it literally left him speechless. The only thing he could blurt out after I had some sort of composure was “Will you marry me?”

He was able to put the ring on my finger and I immediately burst into tears again. My friends will later make fun of me saying that it was because I held those tears in for 8 dang years!

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