Lynette and Chris

How we met: Chris and I met through his younger sister Gabby. I coached baton twirling for the same team that she competed with and I had known her and her mother for over 10 years. Not once during this time did I realize she had an older brother, as he never came to performances. In February of 2013 we scheduled a last minute competition for which myself and our head coach were just going to take our girls and stay the night about 3 hours out of town. When I went by her house to pick her up, Chris just happened to be over visiting. We were both interested immediately, but I was actually dating someone else at that time. My current relationship was already on the rocks and a few months later we split up. It was only a few weeks later that Chris and I decided to finally meet again, and we both knew right away that there was something special between us. He is an amazing man that saved me from myself in so many ways and is willing each and every day to go the extra mile to take care of my heart.

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how they asked: We had been dating about a year and a half and both knew we were very serious. However, we had
decided that it was not quite the right time for us to get engaged…or so I thought. I went on a mission trip to Brazil with my church for just a little over a week and I was very excited to get home. We started our journey home around 2:00 pm from Brazil, and my flight landed in Orlando at 10:00 am. I was worn out and just ready to see Chris, get some American food, and take a nap. (I was also really excited to be able to flush toilet paper down the toilet…..which you CAN NOT do in Brazil.) I made it to the shuttle a little ahead of the rest of my church group but decided I had waited long enough to see my handsome man, and rushed ahead. I was walking through the tunnel there were tons of people in front of me, all anxious to get home. I thought I spotted my dad up ahead, but I told myself I was crazy. I even scolded myself for putting expectations of a proposal onto Chris, and that it wasn’t fair to him for me to do that. Then I thought I saw his mother, and again told myself to stop creating this situation. Then the people in front of me moved aside and I saw these big signs reading “Ms. Lynette, someone has a question for you!”

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I then saw Chris standing there with his arms crossed and a huge smile on his face. It was for real happening!! I almost started crying immediately after seeing him and realizing what was going on. I had waited for this day my entire life, and my perfect man had planned the perfect surprise.

He told me he couldn’t go another day without me being his wife, told me how much he loved me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said “Of course I will marry you!” And the hugging/kissing/crying commenced. My dad later told me that the TSA guards stopped all the lines and that everyone applauded after I said yes….but I didn’t remember any of that. My entire family was there to share in the excitement of our new commitment. My best friend who had a month old baby boy, made her husband drive to the airport to sit in the car with the baby so that she could be there. Another of my best friends was there to photograph the event, and she made her husband take a half day at work to video. Chris’s mom had just gone through surgery the day before, but her and Chris’s sister made sure they were there. My entire church group got to join in the excitement when they caught up as well. It was such a joyous day, where we were surrounded by our friends and family. I still can’t believe that he did such an awesome job, and that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man I truly consider my best friend. How did I get so lucky?

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Photos by Sivan Photography