Lynette and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met August 29, 2011 at 4:40PM, I decided to take a class off-campus and he happened to be studying there. The travel between the two campuses almost changed my mind, but I’m glad it didn’t; it was the class that changed my life. I sat behind him to the right, and would always daydream about him. He was my biggest crush, the only reason I would dress up for class week after week; he was my secret admiration. With a dare from my cousin to leave my number in Arabic on his desk, we soon became best friends; messaging day and night. We were friends for a over a year until we finally confessed our feelings towards each other. With long distance and culture differences, dating was a hesitation, however once we did, our relationship became unbounded by the love we share for each other.

how they asked

I was told I was going to a birthday brunch with my girlfriends, never knew it was a walk to the park that changed my life. Pamela (the birthday girl) asked me to pick her up at the park nearby my house and we’d be on our way soon after. Approaching the parking lot, she came to my window panicking that she left her purse on the bench. Thinking it was probably stolen by now, I went with her in my heels looking for her purse on one of the many benches. We were chatting about life, the difficulties of first year teaching, and normal girl things; as I begin to hear to what I thought were violins playing in the background. I simply thought there was a show at the park until I was closer and saw my best friend / boyfriend of 3 years standing under a gazebo that overlooks a lake, on top of 5,000 rose petals, surrounded by over 300 pictures of us, a cello and bass player playing our song, “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz whom helped us get through our long distance relationship and cultural differences.

So there he is, in a tux, holding a rose with tears running down his eyes. As I walk up I see a photographer jump out from the bushes and follow me under the gazebo. Brandon got down one one knee and proposed. Told me he asked my dad, uncles, and grandfather’s permission and they all approved. I screamed YES, we kissed, and slow danced as we glanced through our relationship in pictures. His friend then took out a speaker and we danced as we had a photoshoot! He told me he planned for six months and knew he wanted to marry me for quite some time.

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Special Thanks

Rashid (Max) Kapovich
Devin McGuire
 | Devin McGuire Bassist
Gabrielle Truncali
 | Gabrielle Cellist