Lyndsey and Tyler

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How We Met

We both decided to go to Iowa State University and met through a mutual friend named Lauren. Tyler and Lauren grew up together and lived in the same town in Minnesota. Lauren and I met in a Bible study through the Navigators (on-campus student ministry). Lauren brought Tyler along to some Nav events and that is how we met! We didn’t interact a whole lot freshman year of college, but started to become friends during our sophomore years. Jumping ahead to junior year of college and Tyler is hanging out at my apartment all of the time since he lives right down the street. We become best friends (along with my bff Becca) and it’s the best. Lots of tacos and disc golf and late night giggles. During most of our friendship Tyler had been growing out his hair so it was pretty long when he decided to donate it. He asked me to tag along for his haircut and to help pick a new style. Surprise: Ty looks super cute with short hair. I tried to not like him for the next six months but couldn’t help it. That summer he was in Jacksonville. FL for a training program with the Navs and I drove all the way there just to spend a weekend with him. A few weeks later (seemed like forever) Tyler sets up a facetime with me to tell me that he likes me and would like to take me on a few dates. Obviously I said yes! We started officially dating August 19th, 2016 and a little over a year later we are engaged to be married!

how they asked

Tyler had been wanting to take me to the sculpture garden in Minneapolis for a while and this weekend was the perfect time to go. We were in Minnesota for the Vikings game that Sunday (his birthday present) and were spending that Saturday with his family. His original plan was to go to the sculpture garden with just me for a special date, but I had talked him into inviting his parents along because we hadn’t spent much alone time with them and I thought it would be fun for a double date. They all went along with it and made it seem like it was the plan the whole time. We got to the garden and took some fun pictures. When we go close to the spoon, Tyler really wanted a picture in front of it at that exact time but I really wanted to keep moving through the rest of the sculptures first. He was very persistent and definitely blocked my view of the next statues (good thing because his brother and cousin were hiding behind them getting ready to plant the surprise!). I finally gave in and took photos in front of the spoon. He then asked to split off from his parents because he wanted some alone time with me (how sweet :) and we were off to the next sculpture! I spotted the giant rooster sculpture and was determined to get a picture with it to send to my grandma. My cousins and I have accidentally forced her to collect roosters by purchasing them for her every year so I thought she would find it funny, she did! But my determination almost ruined the surprise again! I had seen someone dive behind the LOVE statue, but just assumed it was some weirdo doing a social experiment. Good thing I didn’t look too close because it was Tyler’s cousin, Isaiah. We finally made it to the LOVE statue and handed a stranger Tyler’s phone to take our picture. That’s when I noticed a purple bundle rolled up in one of the letters of the statue and Tyler snagged it. I unrolled the bundle and it was a Vikings jersey with Tyler’s last name on it. He told me to put it on and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I SAID YES! And then both of our families and some close friends yelled and cheered for us and came down for hugs and pictures. Everything was a surprise and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

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