Lyndsey and Kyle

How We Met

We first met in high school. Kyle and his family moved into the town me and my family lived in. We are both LDS members and we actually first met at church. Fun fact: my mom had a feeling to turn around and when she looked at Kyle she heard a voice tell her, “that’s Lyndsey’s husband”. She didn’t tell me that 3 years later! Kyle and my older brother (who is 2 years older than Kyle) became best friends! Then after he started coming over to our house a lot and would hang out with my brother, he started to flirt with me and I wanted NOTHING to do with him! I was never boy crazy, HAHA! Then, one day he asked me to hang out, then when we were watching a movie, he tried to kiss me and I dodged him! Fast forward: we became best friends over the next 2 years after my brother left for his church mission and college. Kyle went through a couple of girlfriends and I was always there to help him when he needed advice!

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Then, BAM…. I got feelings for him that came out of nowhere my junior year, his senior year & he had a girlfriend! It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, to watch someone whom I loved already as a best friend, but secretly liked be with someone who was making him unhappy. Then, I told him I had feelings for him in the car during a church activity. I told him I wasn’t expecting anything out of it, but I had to get it off my chest because it was KILLING ME! He said he was speechless and didn’t know what to say. He also said, “the feelings I had for her years ago were tucked away, then they all came back at once, but I couldn’t do anything because I was in a relationship.” So, I thought, “ugh I ruined our friendship. Awesome.” Then, we just awkwardly go about our lives trying to go back to normal.

So, we have a prom in our church that was coming up and you usually take people that you go to church with. His mom suggested he take me and so he asked me in a cute way, his ex-girlfriend just happened to want to get back together with him right after she found out he asked me (coincidence, I’d think not?) Anyway, there was drama and gossip (the WORST) and I was crying to Kyle telling him we shouldn’t go and he told me that’s when he realized he shouldn’t be with someone who’s making his best friend cry. So, they broke up and then we went to our church Prom, had the best time!! Went to church the next day, he asked me out(which I was not expecting) then on our technical “first date” he FINALLY kissed me!

We dated for about 4 more months and he left on his 2-year church mission! I was excited for him, but kind of scared about where we would be when he came back! You can only Skype (at the time) every Christmas and Mother’s Day and e-mail once a week for about an hour! So, emails were the best during those 2 years! I told him I wanted to date other people while he was away and he supported that 100%, but when the first guy asked me out, I blurted out, “I have a boyfriend!” So funny! So, I didn’t date anyone for 2 years which I didn’t tell him until he came back! Then, he came back and surprised me (I didn’t know the exact date he was coming home) and he came out of my closet! The video is so CRINGE-WORTHY! Then we started dating again when he came back and the rest is history:)

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How They Asked

During September of 2018, we went ring shopping and I designed a ring that I wanted at a ring store and he secretly had it already made exactly how I wanted! Skip to October. My parents bought a condo up in Lake Tahoe and needed me and my best friend to help move furniture up there for them.

So, we agreed and planned to drive up the first weekend of November. Then, I get a text from my aunt in our family group chat, “Hey, so the proposal is happening this weekend, right?” My heart sank and I could not believe what I just read.

So, then a day later, Kyle gets a call from his cousin asking him to come camping with him in Idaho. Kyle told me since the proposal wasn’t happening, he’ll go and told me to have a fun girls weekend. Then, I told Kyle how much of a wreck I will be on November 3rd because that was the day I was going to be proposed to.

So, I and my friend go up to Lake Tahoe and we go to my papa’s friends new house that he got on the lake. We walk down the stairs to his backyard and I see him with a rose standing there. WHAT? He took me in his arms, and we sat on a blanket. He made a movie of all of the love scenes from my fav movies. After the movie, we danced to our song and he spun me around to see that the screen said, Will you marry me?. He got down on one knee, the ring dropped out of the box) and popped the ? while the sun was setting & my fam ran out screaming & running! It was perfect!