Lyndsey and Jamie

How We Met

Jamie and I met in high school, almost ten years ago.  I was a senior and he was a junior.  He was the big football star and I was a captain of the volleyball team.  I had lunch fourth period and there was this boy (Jamie-who at the time I did not know) who was always skipping class to come sit and visit the boys at the lunch table I sat at.  We would talk here and there, and he would usually be cracking a joke.  After lunch we would walk together to my next class, as he awkwardly had his phone out.  I always thought he was texting, but apparently he was trying to get my number.  (Let’s just say he wasn’t that smooth back then.)  Somehow, he got a hold of my number and we began texting instantly.  I will always be known as the girl who ran up his phone bill (because of how much we were texting) in which he was grounded for.  (Whoops!) After Jamie’s last football game of his junior year, we were walking out of our high school and he pulled out a rose from his football bag and asked me to be his girlfriend. (Aww!)  I of course said yes, and this is where our love story began.

We both went on to separate colleges and made it a point to see each other at least every other weekend.  During finals week of my senior year, I received some of the toughest news I had ever expected.  I was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer.  I was diagnosed in April and finished chemo and radiation therapies by December that year.  That summer was Jamie’s summer leading into his senior year of college football.  He would drive an hour to school each day to train and drive home to be by my side at night to take care of me.  Usually, he would stay the week at football and return home on the weekends, but made it a point to travel back and forth just to be there with me.  It is a true representation of who this man is; he’s a good one and we all knew it! Fast forward five years later and we now live together in a beautiful home and have two fur-babies. I am a special education teacher and he currently plays football for the Cleveland Browns.  We both our living our dream life, making it a reality.

how they asked

Jamie and I were wanting to plan a small get away before football training started up again.  Usually, we would go somewhere on spring break, but this year our schedules were not lining up.  My friend Kayla was over one night and I brought up how Jamie and I wanted to plan something.  I told her we might try Niagara Falls, Canada.  After talking, her husband and her were interested in joining us.  We ended up booking our weekend getaway that night. We road tripped about 4 hours to Canada for the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day.  We arrived on Friday, moseyed around town and ended our night at an Irish pub nearby our hotel.  Saturday we were complete tourists and experiences the falls as much as we could.  We went behind the falls, watched a movie of the falls, and even had lunch over looking the falls.  Shortly after, we ended up taking a cab to a little town called Niagara on the Lake.  It was a cute little town and we walked around and made a some stops to a couple wine bars.  Later on we had dinner reservations at a steakhouse looking over the falls.

This dinner ended up being one of the best steak dinner’s we had experienced!  Or was that the wine talking?  Yes, my friend Kayla and I split a bottle of wine, why not?  The boy’s were a little hesitant about us splitting wine, thinking I’d be a little too loopy later on.  But, all was good, I was just fine!  Jamie even helped me out because I had half of a glass left at the end of dinner, and without hesitation he picked it up and slung it back!  For someone that does not prefer wine, he sure didn’t hesitate finishing my glass.  I guess he really was concerned about how I was going to feel afterwards.  After dinner we had already planned to go down to the falls to see them lit up at night.  I was feeling good, a little wine, a full tummy and happy as can be just strolling down to the falls!  I was taking pictures and snap videos once we got down there, because boy was it gorgeous!  It was dark and misty, so I had my hood up and my scarf basically tied up around my face.  I wasn’t really concerned with how I looked.

Why would I be?  My friend told me not once, but twice that I should take my hood off because it was not misting as much as we thought.  It took me until the second time to listen to her.  (She gets a brownie point for making sure I looked good for what’s to come.) We walked about a minute down the falls to where it was lit up pink and purple.  (Kayla gets another brownie point for choosing the backdrop to be pink and purple-my two favorite colors!)  She then asked if I could take a picture of her and her husband and when they were done, I gave her my phone to do the same.  Jamie was awkwardly standing next to me with both hands in his vest pocket, as I am trying to move him around for the picture.  I was asking things like, “Why aren’t you holding me?” and “Quit acting weird and get your hands out of your pocket!”  As I turn my head to smile for the picture, I see Jamie going down on one knee.

I seriously could not believe my eyes.  I screamed quite a few things such as, “Stop it! You are not supposed to do this now!  OMG!  I didn’t plan for this!” (in a good, happy, excited way, of course) and he then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him.  I made him say it twice, because I was in total shock and did not answer the first time.  At one point I hit him with my wristlet because I was SO caught off guard!

He actually had me fooled and I could not believe it!  I of course said yes, gave him a big smooch, and we hugged, and laughed and laughed some more.  I had always thought I would ruin my proposal by finding the ring, or thinking it was going to happen, but I can promise you it did not cross my mind that he would do it while we were in Canada.

Prior to this weekend I was telling people that I could bet that he didn’t even have the ring nor been to the store yet!  It made it so much more special that I did not know because well, it was just perfect!  We spent the night taking photos, (lots of photos), and calling family and friends back in the hotel room.

Jamie even came prepared and packed a fancy bottle of champagne to toast with.  It was one of the best nights of my life and a night I will always remember.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life who I can finally call my fiance.  I couldn’t believe my friends were in on it, but I am so grateful they were there to capture our magical moment down at the falls. <3