Lyndsey and Hayden's Proposal at the Los Angeles Museum of Art

How We Met

In the summer of 2009, a couple of my girlfriends and I went up to USC to visit our good friend, Cooper, who attended school there. Cooper is one of my closest friends that I have known for over 15 years. He wanted me to meet his “Little Brother” in his fraternity, which happened to be Hayden. Immediately, I thought Hayden’s name sounded familiar. Right after Cooper introduced us, I started inquiring a little more about him (as I am naturally very curious like this), and we quickly discovered why his name was so familiar to me. It turns out that his Aunt and Uncle are very close friends of my parents, since before I was even born! I had heard Hayden’s name in many conversations before with his Aunt and Uncle, but we had never met. I had even met his mom, older brother, and younger sister not too long before at his cousin’s graduation party! As fate would have it, we would meet at a random college party, and we would spend the rest of the night reminiscing on childhood memories where we crossed paths and just missed each other. As if being introduced to each other by my long time best friend, and his then new fraternity brother, wasn’t crazy enough! Now 6 years later, here we are, very happily engaged!

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how they asked

On the night of December 20th, My fiancé, Hayden, had taken me to The Nutcracker, at the Wiltern in LA. On our way home, we “stumbled” upon the LACMA Museum. Hayden says “The LACMA! Let’s stop a take a picture!”

We walked across the street and Hayden says that he wants to get a picture of us. I saw a photographer in the corner of my eye, who appeared to be taking pictures of the lights. Hayden walked up to her and asked her to take a picture of us on his phone. She took some pictures and even suggested that we move to another area where there were less people. As she finished taking pictures of Hayden’s phone, she told us that she is actually building her portfolio of couples’ photos and asked if she could take some pictures and email them to us. Wow, so nice! She started snapping away. Next thing I know, Hayden gets down on one knee and I start to lose track of what is real and what is not. Going from “posing” for some cute pictures for this random photographer, to having my boyfriend of 6 wonderful years, ask me to marry him, I couldn’t help but repeatedly ask him “Is this real?? Is this real??” Hayden’s response each time was “Yes, baby. This is real.” He pulled out the most beautiful ring, and that’s when it hit me. This is real. Of course I said YES!

I realized that Hayden had hired her to photograph the whole proposal. Each and every emotion, she captured it all. On our way home, Hayden told me he had another surprise for me, but it was back at my place. I decided not to call my family just yet, because I wanted to share this special moment with my fiancé. About 15 minutes later, we got back to my place and I turned on the lights. “SURPRISE!” Both of my families were gathered in my tiny living room to celebrate the happiest moment of our lives. And the photographer was there again to snap more photos! Tears of happiness streamed down my face as I hugged everyone. It was truly the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined!







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