Lyndsey and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and I met through a mutual friend in college at a music festival called Riverbend. My best friend Michelle and I were looking for an apartment and Grant told us that the house he had just moved into had four separate apartment units and that one of them was available. We moved in and became neighbors who became best friends and then about a year later we started dating.

how they asked

On the day before Christmas Eve we were spending the day with my family and had planned to drive to Grant’s house in Clarksville, TN, which is about 40 minutes from Nashville. Grant mentioned that on the way to his house he wanted to have a nice dinner because “we hadn’t had a chance to go on a nice date in awhile”. We stopped at Stoney River, a steakhouse in Franklin, and had a great meal.

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After dinner we drove to Clarksville. Grant lives out in the country and as we were about to turn onto the road that lead to his house he started telling me this weird story about how his neighbor got a super weird dog lamp that lights up on their porch. I literally had no idea what he was talking about but quickly realized he was using that story to distract me from seeing an overwhelming amount of Christmas lights in the woods behind his house.

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When I saw the Christmas lights I just knew what was about to happen. We got out of the car and he lead me down an illuminated path that lead behind his home and to the woods. The path ended at the most beautiful and romantic site i have ever seen. Grant had set up lanterns, lights and a teepee that he made himself. I just remember giggling and smiling so big because it really was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

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Grant lead me under the teepee, read me a letter that he had written and asked me to marry him and I of course said YES!!! After laughing and hugging and giggling, we prayed together and then Grant asked me to dance with him under the stars.

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It was the most magical moment of my life. He then told me that all of our friends and family were waiting for us at a party in Nashville. When we arrived at the party all of our loved ones and favorite people were waiting to celebrate with us. Not only did the man of my dreams ask me to marry him, but we got to share that special time with the people we love most. It was the best night of my life!

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