Lyndsey and Drew

How We Met

We met in college at Eastern Illinois! It’s actually a funny story. I always knew of Drew but had never met him. I was at lunch with my family on move in day my sophomore year and he happened to be at the same restaurant. He was with his best girl friend (who at the time I thought was his girlfriend and was bummed & I would never have a chance) but he waved to me and whispered to his friend Britani “I’m going to date that girl one day” He told me this a while into our relationship but thought it was the cutest thing! We met out one night and the rest is history. We did distance for about 2 years and I finally decided to make the move and move to Champaign, IL.

How They Asked

Well, my birthday is on July 24th. In 2017 it was on a Monday. I wanted all of my friends and family to come celebrate with me so I planned for them to all come down on July 29th to see my new life. Well, they all came down but little did I know it was NOT for my birthday! We went to a winery and all took a group picture, next thing I knew Drew was down on one knee. I was in shock. Family and friends are very important to me and to have them all there was amazing!! Every person that was there knew except me. It was a day to remember.

Special Thanks