Lyndsey and Brandon


How We Met: Brandon and I met by chance at a friends house when I was home from college and visiting. He just happened to come over that night to study with my friends boyfriend. I remember introducing myself to him but after that the only thing I remember is how hilarious I thought he was! He was sharing the story about the time he and his friends went to McDonald’s and changed the sign to say “anus” burger instead of “angus” burger. Of course at the time I giggled but secretly thought in my head “how mature of them, not”. About two weeks later I received a text from my friend asking if she could give my number to that Brandon guy and I agreed but really didn’t remember who she was talking about. Shortly after endless nights of texting and phone calls Brandon decided to make our relationship official. We spent weeks apart due to me being away at college and playing basketball kept me busy. We always had the best times together and he always kept me laughing and a smile on my face. The first summer I was home was probably the best summer ever!

how they asked: Our first date was four wheeling at his grandparents farm (where he hunts). Five years into our relationship I began wondering when my time would come and if he was ever going to propose! One week in October we had made plans to four wheel to the farm and check his deer feeders and then make a night out of it and go look at rings (you can imagine my excitement) and have a nice dinner. That day I had worked and felt worn out and it was cold! I still begged to go to the farm on the four wheeler though. I had this strange feeling that he was going to propose but my friend told me over and over she was positive that it was not happening this night so I got that out of my mind! Although, he was acting a little suspicious but I didn’t think anything of it. Once we got to the farm I saw these bales of straw stacked up and blocked our way into the woods and he suggested that we just walk back instead of trying to get around them. He took his hoodie off and I noticed that he had a nice button up on and I questioned why he was so dressed up for four wheeling and he blew it off by saying he was dressed up for dinner (meanwhile I am in jeans and a Nike hoodie and felt like a slob!). We started to head back to the woods and as we neared the bales he stopped and looked me in the eye. At this point I was still confused as to what was about to happen. He began the whole “I have always loved you and…” (you get it) and asked me not to look to my right where the bales were sitting. Halfway through his speech I finally realized what was happening. I heard a motor start up and finally he told me to look over and on the bales he had written “Will You Marry Me?” in these perfect bubble letters and when I turned around he was on his knee with the biggest smile on his face. I of course said yes and couldn’t control my tears! He had a friend hiding in the cornfield and when he got down on one knee she popped out and was taking pictures! I still am in awe of how much time he put into this and how much time he spent with his good buddy writing on the bales and making every letter perfect! I could not have asked for a better proposal! Thank you Missy and Nate for making this day so memorable by helping Brandon out!