Lyndsay and Stephen

Where to Propose in Grandparent’s Boathouse

How We Met

My best friend was dating Stephen’s best friend at the time and thought we’d make a good couple. They insisted we go on a double date. Being only 15 at the time, my friend and I had our moms drop us off at our town’s lake where the boys greeted us by throwing snowballs at us because they thought it would be funny. I was so nervous the whole time so I did what I do best when I’m nervous talk. Thankfully Stephen was a great listener (still is) and listened to all I had to say. The above photo was taken while I was probably talking about something irreverent like my freshman year English class. After that day, we hugged goodbye and continued to talk on the phone for a week or so. Stephen asked if I wanted to hang out again at the lake so once again, I had my mom drop me off. We (mostly I) talked the whole time and it just felt so natural. My grandparents live on the lake so we walked over to their house. We went down to their boathouse and Stephen nervously was pacing. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I was going to wait until the end just in case you said no, but Lyndsay, I really like you a lot and, will you be my girlfriend?” As my heart pounded out of my chest I didn’t want to seem too eager because as a teenager, you always want to play it cool. So I said, “sure!” After that, he had to go to soccer practice so we hugged goodbye and he said, “what? I don’t get a kiss goodbye?” Now, 10 years later, we still never forget to kiss goodbye.

How They Asked

It was a busy day setting up my classroom for the first day of school for my Kindergarten students. I had promised my sister we’d go to the mall together. After endless dress shopping, she couldn’t seem to find anything so she asked to come back to my house (I had just moved into my grandparents’ house) to see if I had anything she could borrow. As I approached my driveway and pulled down, I could see the top of Stephen’s head in the boathouse. It was all lit up like a painting and I could see rose petals and candles glowing from above.

My sister was next to me and gave me a little shove as to say, go down there right now! My heart pounded out of my chest because I had a feeling I knew what was happening.

In the exact same spot where it all began, the same boy that asked me to be his girlfriend was the same man who asked me to marry him ten years later. This time, I didn’t say, “sure!” I was speechless but I knew the only answer was, “yes!”

Lyndsay's Proposal in Grandparent’s Boathouse

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