Lyndsay and Philip

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How We Met

We initially met 13 years ago and my Auntie’s wedding in the UK, which I had traveled to from New Zealand. We ended up spending most of the wedding reception together as he knew I didn’t know many people there. A few years later he visited New Zealand where his Dad had later immigrated, as it turns out his Dad lives close to my parents so he contacted me to meet up We ended up spending the next 3 weeks together and fell head over heels for each other. We did long distance for a year until I applied for a visa to come to the UK, where I have since lived for 7 years.

How They Asked

During our long-distance relationship, I visited him for a month during the British summer. A friend of his gave us tickets to A New Day Festival which we attended together. After I moved here 6 months later we participated in the festival every year since and started working as set up crew, so it has become a special place to us. On the morning of our unexpected engagement, he told me he needed to go and help with something backstage which was nothing unusual. Next thing I know the festival director is about to introduce the next band but then hands the mic to my partner who calls me up on stage. In front of around 1500 people, he proposed to me there and then on stage!

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