Lyndsay and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met in high school, in St Petersburg, FL and both graduated Class of 2002. We were friends in high school, but both dating other people. Our second year of college, we each decided to move off-campus with friends, and as fate would have it, we were next door neighbors. So Matt became “the boy next door” I would ask him for favors, guy advice etc.. He was definitely in the “friend” category. We were also very different back then. He was very focused on studying film, while I was more focused on partying and the sorority life. After college Matt moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and started a budding career in the entertainment industry, chasing his dream to be a filmmaker. I also decided to move out west in 2009, and lived in Scottsdale, AZ – Close enough for weekend trips to LA with friends. On a few occasions, I would see Matt, but only for dinner, and completely platonic. Then one night back in 2012, while I was visiting a friend, something clicked- we both let our guards down and kissed! I wish I could say “the rest is history” but I’m afraid it’s not. At that point we both were looking for something specific in the other person (all of the wrong things) and we couldn’t see the amazingness in front of our faces- so we decided it wouldn’t work, and went on as friends. We kept tabs on each other via Facebook. I watched Matt enter a serious relationship while he watched me date many suitors… I watched as his documentary premiered at Tribeca and recall feeling so happy for him and sad I wasn’t there sharing the memories with him (and feeling crazy for feeling that way). In Spring 2015 I accepted a position in the Bay Area, just outside of San Francisco. I was only there for a couple of weeks w hen I received a message from Matt, inviting me to his movie premier in SF! I was really excited that he still thought of me and gladly accepted. We decided to meet for dinner the night before. I figured I’d be the third wheel and that his girlfriend would be there along side of him. But to my surprise he came alone. He and his ex had broken up months before. In that moment, we both knew… we couldn’t deny fate any longer. That day was July 25, 2015 and we’ve not left each other’s side since! He is my best friend and soulmate.

how they asked

My friend Kristen has her own PR agency and its not uncommon for hr to get invited to cool LA events etc.. So when she invited me as her plus 1 to an LA pop-up wine tasting I was in! We arrived at this really cool venue in Highland Park, LA and met the Sommelier. There were a few other groups of people wine tasting etc.. the Sommelier invited all of us inside to watch a quick promo video about the winery… and the video I uploaded, is what I saw! I was in total shock. I still can’t believe he pulled off such an epic surprise!!

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