Lyndsay and Jon

How we met: Jon and I met through mutual friends in Washington, DC. I was up visiting during my spring break vacation time, and Jon offered to be the tour guide and chauffeur for the weekend. Jon and I immediately hit it off and stayed up every night until the morning hours talking and laughing. When I left Washington, I was hopeful that Jon and I would continue to stay in touch and see each other again soon. Luckily, Jon felt the same way and after a few weeks of nightly phone “dates” decided to make a trip to Wilmington and surprise me. We had a wonderful weekend together, and it wasn’t long after that we officially started dating and easily fell in love with each other.

how they asked: Jon and I had just moved into our apartment in Athens, and were still in the process of unpacking and settling in. Jon had become behind on his work, so he woke up extra early that morning to get caught up. Meanwhile, I was determined to have everything in its place nice and neat, as soon as possible. Jon came out of the office while I was breaking down boxes in the dining room with his acoustic guitar in hand. He began to play and my focus remained on the boxes because it is very typical of Jon to randomly want to play his guitar and de-stress. After a few minutes he asked me to sit with him while he played and sing along.

Soon after he began playing “Marry Me” by Train. I didn’t think anything of it except how much I liked the song. Before I knew it the song was over and Jon was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I began to cry and nodded yes for a few seconds before I realized that I should probably say “yes” out loud. I said “yes” and we spent the day sharing our exciting news with family and friends and then went to a nice dinner together.

Photos were taken in Wilmington, NC by Melody of Aria Images Photography.