Lyndi and Derick

How We Met: I met Derick through Eharmony on August 20th, 2010. I had just signed up with the service and was on my 2nd or 3rd week when he was matched with me. He immediately caught my attention with his love for sports and especially for my beloved Chicago teams. After a few emails and texts, completely bypassing the normal screening process, we met up and were immediately smitten with each other.

how they asked: Fast forward to September 2011, we went ring shopping. He had been asking what I like so he could pick out something special; but, when I went to try some rings out while my mom was in town, we ended up purchasing it that day! We were so excited, me the most—I am sure. We couldn’t take the beautiful ring home with us immediately, but it would be ready sometime in the following week. I had no idea exactly when so this lead to me being curious about everything. I remember he would ask if I wanted to go out and I would have my teasing voice with a little eye brow action, “Should I dress up?”

So, after about 2 weeks of this, we are really going out. I am dressed up for our “dinner reservations at 7:30.” We are parked in Wrigleyville, a few blocks away from Wrigley Field and walked closer towards it. I am not sure where we are going and all I am thinking is what restaurant in this neighborhood takes dinner reservations? We are reading signs on buildings to each other (it’s one of our nerdy couple habits that I love) and holding each other as we walk (it’s one of our most sweet couple habits that I really love!).

As we got to the Wrigley Field entrance at exactly 730 pm, with the famous red sign behind me, he pulled me around and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was beautiful! I completely underestimated the level of happiness and excitement that I would feel in that moment; immediately, I teared up. My personal photo memory, in my head, of this moment is all watery and beautiful! I said a few affirmative answers, “Yes! Absolutely! I’m so glad you asked!” We kissed, hugged, kissed, and hugged some more. Derick said that he wanted to introduce me to someone. It was his friend who was taking pictures the whole time! Then he pointed to the top of some buildings in the area and said that there were webcams there streaming live (Cubs Fan Cam). He had invited family and friends, who live around the country, to “be there when it happens” at 7:30.

I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal! It was perfect! One of the better photos that his friend took of the moment, you can see in the back ground that it is exactly 7:30 Cubs Time.

Another fun part of our engagement story is that one of his sisters wanted to make sure that the engagement was documented so she had one of her photographer friends go too. Who followed us around, like a stalker (I tease), the rest of the night. Taking pictures of us as we walked down the street talking on our phones and kissing.

Currently, we are enjoying being engaged and planning our special day!