Lyndi and Corey

How we met: In June of 2013, I was sitting around with my best friend, her little sister, and her sister’s boyfriend, Chris. Chris had just finished school for firefighting and I jokingly asked him if he had any “hot firefighter friends” he could set me up with. Instantly, he and his girlfriend said yes! They had been meaning to introduce me to their friend Corey. A few months went by and finally Corey and I had contact information. He took me out on our first date (picture is from that night) to an arcade and my favorite restaurant. It was an instant attraction and we didn’t want the night to end.

Image 1 of Lyndi and Corey

how they asked: Over a year later, Corey and I had planned to redo our first date all over again. He told me he had something else planned to do before the arcade, and I needed to be ready to walk out the door when he got home from work. Our puppy was a handful so Corey arranged for a family friend to watch her while I got ready for our date, and so she wouldn’t be alone all night while we were out. Minutes before Corey should have been walking into the door, he called me to let me know that he was on his way to the fire hall because his pager went off. BUT…the fire was actually in the basement of our apartment and I needed to evacuate. As he was saying this, the fire alarm went off. I began to panic, grabbed what I could, and threw on the nearest pair of shoes. Waiting outside with all of the other tenants (Corey wrote everyone letters letting them know what was happening), I saw Chief pull up, followed by the fire truck. Waiting in the front of the building felt wrong to me and as if I was standing in the way, but Chief knows best and I was just following directions. I was still expecting Corey to be coming from work, which was in the other direction, so when he was dressed in full gear, and asking me to come toward him, I became even more puzzled as to why they weren’t rushing into the building to save our home. As I stepped forward, and he knelt down, not only did I become super confused, then emotional, I became the luckiest girl in the world as he asked for my hand in marriage.

Image 2 of Lyndi and Corey

What is not shown in the video is Corey pointing across the road to where all his and my family and friends were to witness the entire proposal. I am one lucky lady!

Video by Presidential Production Films