Lynda and Christopher

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How We Met

Tinder. One fateful “Swipe to the Right” on April 24th, 2016 is how we initially met. I lived in Sarasota, Florida and Chris was visiting in a nearby town on a golfing trip with three of his best friends. He popped into my “mileage range” and low and behold we had happen to have a mutual friend in common. The friend was someone I had gone to high school with, which in itself was crazy because no one ever knew anyone where I was from. I am from an area that was basically a cornfield in very small town in northern Ohio. As it turned out, Chris worked with my high school friend in Columbus, Ohio and was a Lieutenant for the Fire Department in the City of Columbus. As nice as it sounded to talk with someone from my beloved home state, and a fellow die-hard Buckeye fan, the reality was, he lived in Ohio and I lived in Florida. So, we chatted back and forth a bit and became friends on Facebook, exchanged numbers and that was it.

Who was to know that Chris was going to spend the next 9 months following me on Facebook? He reached out to me every month or so with a simple “hello” text, keeping us connected. In December of that year, I planned to visit my parents back home in small town Ohio for Christmas. Chris reached out to see if we could actually meet for the first time. I said “Sure!” and we planned to go to a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Regretfully, I cancelled on him the day before, I felt bad but I promised to make it up to him…

Ironically, Chris was going to be in Orlando a couple of weeks later for his friend Mitch’s bachelor party. After that, he planned to be traveling through Sarasota to golf for a few days before returning to Columbus. I invited him to stop in Sarasota so I could show him the beautiful beach and show him around my beautiful town. On Sunday afternoon, January 15th, 2017, we finally met in person. It was almost 9 months after initially “meeting”.

I knew within 5 minutes of our drive to the beach that we connected. We had so much common and could share lots of crazy career stories (him being a firefighter and my being a registered nurse). He cursed a lot and he was easy on the eyes–my kinda guy. Things were going well. Then, I began to think about the distance between us and the reality of it all. Considering its impact and the failure rate of long distance relationships, I began to turn on the cold shoulder. I honestly didn’t want to date a guy that lived in Ohio”! We continued our date. Chris would tell you that he really felt like he was “crashing and burning” with me. When we hugged and said goodnight that night….I really thought I would never hear from him again.

I went to work on Monday like any other day. Around 10 a.m., I noticed I had received a text message from Chris. I recall thinking, “Why in the world is he texting me? I would NOT be texting me if I were him! I was a terrible person to him!”

We continued to chat….and then we chatted some more….and more. Two days later I came clean and told him how I really felt. I told him that I had actually really liked him but was scared because of our obvious living situations. He told me “Well this is good to hear because I liked you too.”

Our relationship grew pretty quickly from there. It was special because all we had to do was talk. We couldn’t go somewhere to just hang out…couldn’t just go catch a movie, and we couldn’t grab a quick drink after work. We could only share about our days, our thoughts, our past experiences through means of communication.

Two weeks later Chris asked me to fly to Columbus to go to a wedding with him. “Sure! Why not?! What do we have to lose”! A week later I found myself on a flight to Columbus for a long weekend with, basically, a total stranger. (If that’s not putting it all out there, I am not sure what is!)

When the weekend was over, I’ll never forget how I felt. I was sitting in the front row aisle seat of the airplane before my flight left Columbus crying on the phone to a friend about how amazing Chris was. I talked about how awesome all of his friends were that I had met and how amazing the entire weekend was. I didn’t want to go back to Florida and I knew I was in serious trouble. How in the world would this work? I lived in Florida and he lived in Ohio. Scenarios like this never seemed to play out and the odds were against us.

But we were about to change those odds.

Fast forward to July, 2018. After only 6 months of long-distance dating, Copper, Wrigley and I had all of our stuff packed (thanks to my special Momma and all of her packing skills) and we were ready to go. After 18 years of living in Florida, we were ready to be Ohio girls again and we were Ohio bound. New town, new job, new home. It all was so surreal and happening so fast, but it all felt so right. The adventure was really beginning.

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How They Asked

We got engaged on a March 9th, 2019. It was a night I had planned for Chris for over a month. It was supposed to be a surprise party to celebrate Chris and his recent promotion to Battalion Chief in the Fire Department. I invited 40 of his closest friends and really was supposed to be a night all about Chris and just how proud of him I was for his hard work. He got up and began a little speech to the group about how much everyone in the room meant to him and a little about how long they have known each other and all of the things they have been through. Chris had apparently known about my little “surprise” all along. Before I knew it, I was the one that was left totally speechless and surprised. Chris got down on one knee in front of a room full of people, who all mean so much, and asked me to marry him. I could barely utter the word “Yes” through my horrendously ugly cry face. It was finally happening–I was getting to spend forever with my best friend.

We’re Going back to where it all began for our special day- March 7th, 2020 is our date! Destination: Sarasota, Florida!



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