Lydia and Ryan

How We Met

We met in grade school (he was a year younger.) The first time I ever laid eyes on him was in first grade. He was my best friend’s cousin.

how they asked

Six years ago when we were together we had bible school at my church. I was his first girlfriend, first crush, first kiss. One night after bible school we kissed. On my 22nd birthday before my birthday supper with my family & his family he took me to that exact spot we kissed 6 years ago. Got down on one knee and it was history from there. Don’t remember much other than I bawled. Yes, I had my first kiss in a church parking lot and got proposed to in the church parking lot. I’ve waited a long time for that moment and it was perfect. The best birthday I could have wished for and more.

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Image 2 of Lydia and Ryan