Lydia and Jeffrey

How We Met

Jeffrey and I met when he was a freshman in Highschool and I was a Junior. We met through our choir class, and he says “She had me from hello.” We became good friends through school and choir. Our friendship was full of laughter and jokes, support and love. Before he even asked me to be his girlfriend, he’d get me little gifts on Valentines Day and other special days. Eventually, we took a day trip to Portland with his family for a Rugby Game that his brother was a part of. We spent the whole day cuddled up in blankets and under umbrellas trying to stay dry! When we returned home that evening, (February 23rd, 2013) he asked me to be his girlfriend, in his driveway, in the rain! I will never forget that trip, or that evening.

how they asked

I was in Georgia for Jeffrey’s Graduation from Army Basic Training at Fort Benning. We went out to dinner with family at a local BBQ, then decided to go walk over the Chattahoochee River. The river is the border between Alabama and Georgia, and it was absolutely beautiful! He “saw something in the water” and got me distracted long enough to back up a few steps, get on one knee, and have parents prepare the cameras. I got frustrated when I didn’t see anything and whipped around saying “There’s nothing there…..” and that’s when I saw him on his knee holding a ring. I started to cry and he asked me, “Lydia, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” and I said “Hell yes!” He got up, we kissed and hugged, then he replaced my promise ring with the engagement ring! I am extremely happy and look forward to the many adventures we’ll have together in the future!

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