Lydia and Ethan

How We Met

Ethan and I actually met on an online game in 2005 when we were both in middle school. We were introduced by a mutual friend who I knew in real life and he did not. We kept in touch over the years playing the game together and chatting on instant messenger. Throughout high school we flirted but neither one of us thought we’d ever have a shot of meeting the other in person. He lived in another state 5 hours away! The beginning of my senior year we were both recovering from nasty break ups. We had begun talking a lot more and become a lot closer. Still not knowing where the future was headed Ethan asked me to take a chance and be his girlfriend. We didn’t know if we’d be able to meet but we definitely knew we didn’t want to date anyone else. Fast forward 5 months Ethan was able to make the drive and visit me for spring break! Half way down the breaks went out in his car and he had to have it towed but luckily it was fixed and he was able to make it safely. After that trip I decided I wanted to be closer to him and see where our relationship could go so when I graduated I chose a college closer to him and the rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Apartment

Proposal Ideas Apartment

how they asked

My senior year of college I jokingly sent him a meme with the three things a guy needed to do to when he proposed to me. I had no idea he had already bought a ring and was just waiting for the right moment. I had gone home for Christmas while he stayed in my college apartment taking care of our fish Kevin. As I was driving back he called me and told me how much he missed me and couldn’t wait to see me that night. Whenever he would stay with me I would just knock on the door to be let in instead of using my key but when I came back from break I decided I would use my key so he didn’t have to get up to answer the door. He had apparently planned to get down on one knee and open the door and propose surprising me. But instead I had surprised him! He even had his phone propped up taking pictures. I was so happy to see him I didn’t even notice. He jokingly asked me if I had to use the bathroom after my long trip. I thought that was odd but he was right. When I finished and opened the door he was there on one knee with the ring and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening and asked him “really?!” several times before finally saying yes! Most people don’t find our story romantic but I wanted to share because for the two of us it was perfect. We’re both shy people and having that private moment was everything I could have wished for.