Lydia and Daniel

How We Met: I met Daniel on the first day of university! The students union run a ‘speed friending’ session each freshers week where you get two minutes to introduce yourself to a stranger. We met up before the session started and decided to boycott most of it to talk to each other! He asked if I wanted a coffee and I declined (didn’t really like coffee back then) and so him buying me coffee has become a long standing joke.

I invited him up to my flat one evening later in the week as we 20150212_123048were having a get together. He took his glasses off as he came through the door to clean them and I remember that being the moment I realised how handsome he is.

A few days later we sat down to watch a comedy show with some friends. Everyone left one by one until it was just us. We stayed up all night talking and the rest is history.

how they asked: Earlier this year we were on our way to visit my folks. We had about 2 hours before the train left so we went to Starbucks so he could buy us coffee, continuing the joke our relationship started with.

I didn’t think anything of it when he suggested I wait at the table whilst he went to get our order. Half an hour later, I’m walking through the shops holding a Starbucks cup by the heat slip and wondering why Daniel is so on edge.

We eventually start to walk through the park towards the train station and he stops to re-adjust his suitcase handle at the bench where we sat on our first date.

He suggests that the heat slip on my cup looks like its on wrong and I might like to check that it won’t slip off. Looking at him weirdly, I take it off and written underneath is my proposal!!!!!!

I look up and there he is, on one knee, in the middle of Edinburgh. We never looked back.