Lupe and Jorge

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bakersfield, CA

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend at a restaurant where he worked. But it wasn’t until the second we met, months later, that he began to gain interest in me. But to be truthful, I had no interest in dating him. He then decided to message me on Facebook. We started to message to each other back and forth for about a two weeks. After declining to go out on a date with him multiple times, I finally agreed. I don’t know if it was he was charm or his persistence, but I gave in. After a few dates, we finally made it official and began dating. Our relationship turned into a long distance one, being two hours apart.

how they asked

I had just graduated from a Masters program and there were several graduation parties happening. On the day we are to attend one of the them, I told him that I needed to pick up a gift before heading to the party. On the way to buy the gift, he stated that we needed to make a quick pit stop first. I was confused, but went along with it. We arrive to a shopping center, I assuming he had to make a purchase of his own. As we get off the car, we start walking towards a water fountain, we sit at a bench right next to it, and he begins to profess his love for me. I had a feeling what he leading to, but still somewhat confused. He then stands me up, walks me towards the fountain, at which point, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was in such disbelief that I became speechless. As he waited for my response, which I’m sure seemed like an eternity for him. I finally said, “Yes!” He then placed the most beautiful ring on my finger. He had hired a photographer to secretly photograph the proposal, which turned out to be some beautiful pictures. He definitely did amazing job planing the perfect proposal.

Where to Propose in Bakersfield, CA

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