Lundyn and Owen

How We Met: Owen was the guy I kind of always just saw around. We live in a small town, so everyone basically knows everyone. He played football with my brother, and drove the only El Camino in town, so wherever you saw the car, you saw Owen. I always ran into him at parties and we would two-step up a storm. We were kind of always just friends throughout high school. We had graduated and I started working right away; Owen went to a college about an hour away. I saw him the summer between his first and second year, and we hung out all summer. We went to bars, to stampedes and fairs and beer gardens, and just hung out, whether it was sitting in the box of his truck by the river or tossing a football around. I knew I was in trouble but definitely thought I was permanently friend-zoned! (I’ve learned since then, apparently, that guys never friend zone girls. Who knew!)

how they asked: We have been dating for a couple years, have a house together and always talked about getting married. Owen loves trucks and snowmobiles, so I always teased him that those things would always come before a wedding. My brother graduated this June and my parents celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in July, so they hired a photographer to capture all these milestones. We went out to my family farm on Tuesday July 7th to meet the photographer and take some pictures. We were nearing the end of our sessions when the photographer noticed my toenails (painted bright blue). She asked me to take my shoes off (which, in hindsight, is a strange request!) then changed her mind and asked Owen to take my shoes off. He knelt down to “take my shoes off”… and pulled out a ring. Needless to say, I was shocked!

Image 1 of Lundyn and Owen

Image 2 of Lundyn and Owen

He didn’t say a single word as he knelt down, just looked up at me, smiling, and crying silently. I didn’t say a word either, just nodded and sobbed. My whole family, his whole family, and the photographers knew! We called his parents, who had already bought a bottle of champagne, and they came over to celebrate.

Image 3 of Lundyn and Owen

Photography by Olsen Art