Lulu and Ryan

Lulu's Proposal in Guthrie Theater Minneapolis

How We Met

Ryan was a freshman in college while I was still a junior in high school, but he was back in our hometown for Winter break. We didn’t know each other at the time, but we ended up attending the same New Years party. He didn’t come up to me at the party but he DM’d me after it was over. I started to really like him but he was adamant that he did not want to date a high schooler, so we kept in contact and 2 years later when I was a freshman in college he officially asked me to be his girlfriend!

How They Asked

Ryan told me that we were going bar hopping in Minneapolis without friends who are also engaged. So we went to a few bars and then he said we were going to the bar inside the Guthrie theater. However, when we got to the theater we walked right passed the bar. I was confused about why we ignored the bar, but he brought me to an overlook that has an amazing view of the Stone Arch bridge and proposed there! Our friends were there to capture the moment and it was perfect.

Lulu and Ryan's Engagement in Guthrie Theater Minneapolis