Lulu and Joe

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mexico

How We Met

Joe and Lulu have been dating for over 4 years but known of each other for over 12 years.

how they asked

Joe took lulu on a Vacation in Mexico where Joe knew that she was the one. He planned a night having dinner by the water. The scene was set and then he asked Lulu to marry him. A year later they plan for their wedding and imagined their first dance to be magical…. however their MC for their wedding had a different idea.” Watch the video on our site to understand what happened.” LJDJs heard about their story and redid their entire first dance with no one at the very same venue. Just lulu and joe. We helped make a great remake of their first dance.

Our Video

This video is no longer available.

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Special Thanks

Jack A Bermeo
They helped with the decor of our Piano DJ booth.
Artist Makeup Academy (AMA)
They did the makeup and hair