Luke's Proposal Song to Kylie

Image 1 of Luke's Proposal Song to KylieHow We Met:

Luke and I were born and raised in neighboring towns. Throughout our high school years, we often crossed paths through mutual friends. But, we never connected until after our college years. My mother and Luke’s brother-in-law worked at the same job, so they were our match makers. Luke took me out for wine tasting and dinner on our first date.

how they asked:

Kylie: Two days before the proposal, Luke had his mother ask us out to eat for Friday of that week (which happened to be a place that was right next to the winery where our first date was). This was not out of the ordinary, so I accepted the invite. Later that same day, Luke asked if I would like to invite my parents, so I did.

Luke: I told my mother to invite us, so we could also invite her parents. We really were not going out to the restaurant. We were going to the winery where we had our first date, so I could propose. The surprise plan that I told everyone (besides my father and Kylie’s father) was it was Kylie’s surprise birthday party/work promotion party. I also invited some more of her family and my family, who would come later in the night. I spoke with Kylie’s mother and told her to play it off that she would have to see if they already had plans.

Kylie: So, my mother finally accepted the invite. The day of our “dinner date” with the parents, Luke’s father asked if we wanted to go across the street and do some wine tasting before dinner. Naturally, we accepted since we love that winery.

Luke: Again, my father was behind all of this plan with me, so I was telling him what to say to Kylie to reel her in.

Kylie: Nothing was unusual about going to wine taste and dinner with both sets of our parents. We got there and jumped right in to tasting!

Luke: I had our parents meet us there 30 minutes before the rest of the surprise guests were coming. I had a hidden camera set up in the tasting room.

Kylie: I did notice a GoPro camera hiding by one of the picture frames on the wall. I said something to Luke about the camera, but I thought it was the winery’s camera. I didn’t think anything of it.

Luke: When she said something about the hidden camera, I played it off like they were probably taking a time-lapse of the night. She thought that was a cool idea by the winery.

Kylie: Luke then took a phone call from his best friend (who he stays on the phone with FOREVER).

Luke: I had my friend call me to get me out of the bar so I could go meet the rest of the guests. Simultaneously, I had my father ask the staff (who were also in on this surprise) to get us a table at the back patio. So, the parents and Kylie went back and sat down.

Kylie: I saw two tables set up in the back that were reserved and thought how great of a spot it would be for some sort of event, again, not thinking anything particular about it.

Luke: I have no idea how she didn’t assume anything. I had two tables set up with black linens, wine, cheese, and a television and sound system on a third small table. I met the rest of the family outside while I was on my “phone call.” They thought this was a surprise birthday/work promotion party. I told them all what was about to take place, as far as the proposal. After this, I sent them back to the wine bar patio.

Kylie: As soon as I saw both of our families coming back to the patio, I lost it. Everyone kept telling me “Happy Birthday” to keep up with the surprise, but at this point, I knew something was up! Luke’s father sat me down in the reserved section, along with everyone else, and he then played a video for me.

Luke: I made an original song and video for Kylie which basically told the story of our entire relationship. My heart was pounding at this point because I was standing on the other side of the patio fence and I could hear the entire song and everyone’s reactions, especially Kylie’s. As soon as the song was over, I walked through the patio door, got down on one knee, and popped the question.

The rest of the night consisted of great family time, good wine and cheese, and great memories.

Wine bar: August Hill Winery // Video and song produced by Luke’s production company Cugine Studios