Luke and Neena

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How We Met

Neena and I met in high school and we are so happy that our high school sweetheart romance worked out! She and I shared several classes together; I actually thought I would never have a chance with her! After a bit of small talk, she slid into my DMs and we started talking! A couple of years later after on again off again flirtatious banter we started dating, and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

Neena always talked about how she wanted to be proposed to at Banff National Park – specifically Lake Louise. I purchased tickets with our best friends in March; right as the world was shutting down. The Canadian/ US border closed and is still actually closed, so I knew I had to make other plans! I already had the ring purchased! Every year we take a trip with our best friends, and we had mentioned Washington as a potential destination. I knew that was when I wanted to propose.

Everything fell perfectly into place; I had the lake I wanted to propose at picked out, the photographer and videographer, everything. Then, two weeks before I decided to change the location! I scrambled and figured out the details with my photographer, and set the plan in motion. The whole time she thought we were going to a lake, but in reality, we were hiking up to Huntoon Point, where my friends had gone to set up the proposal. I even told her I left my phone in the car so they could go get everything perfectly set!

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