Megan and Luke

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How We Met

Luke and I have known each other since the sixth grade! We met on the playground of our church while our parents taught youth group on a wednesday night. It was super awkward at first since I was really shy and he was crazy outgoing! We stuck with each other through middle school and high school as best friends! Freshmen year we admitted we liked each other and sweet Luke asked me to Winter Formal! Man were we hot Hahaha!!

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I wasn’t allowed to officially date yet so Luke and I remained friends until Junior year when he asked me to be his girlfriend at a spring training game from the big screen! He has always spoiled the heck out of me! He and I have gone through it all! High school can be brutal but it was always fun with this hottie making me laugh!Its so amazing to say that I graduated with the man of my dreams by my side!

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how they asked

After High school, Luke got accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. Although I was so proud of him, I was extremely sad I would no longer be close to my best friend. We were apart for almost nine months, having to go weeks and often whole months without getting to visit. We had plans for me to fly out the weekend of father’s day but at the last minute Luke told me to cancel my flight! He came in instead and stayed the whole weekend. That saturday afternoon he picked me up and started driving towards a lake by our house.

I loved this lake because during our sophomore year of high school he took me there and recited this poem he had written me “Your eyes shine like the sun, your smile radiates with a unique kind of fun, so forget the past its coming undone, lets look to the future and create a new one.” Then he and I shared our first kiss!

Well we got to the lake and started walking around. He held my hand and kept telling me how much he loved me and our future we were building together. We made our way around to a bench underneath a big, billowy tree and sat down admiring the view. Luke looked at me and asked if I remembered the first time he took me there. I told him I did and I asked him if he remembered the poem he wrote before he kissed me for the first time. He said he did and he started reciting it: “Your eyes shine like the sun, your smile radiates with a unique kind of fun, so forget the past its coming undone…: He took out a tiny silver ring box and said “lets look to the future and create a new one. Megan, will you marry me?” And after a few sobs and many tears, I said yes!!!

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Special Thanks

Kaylee Myers
 | Photography