Luke and Julia

How We Met

Luke and I (Julia) met when we were sixteen years old through our church. We talked for a couple of weeks and (without telling each other of course) we fell in love and declared we were dating before we even went out on a date! After we declared we were dating, we went out on our first date in our church’s hometown located in Beaver, PA at the local Starbucks. We got our coffees and walked around the town enjoying the cool early spring breeze, the conversation, and of course the coffee. I didn’t know it at the time, but those very streets we walked together at age sixteen, would be the very spot Luke would get on his knee and propose to me four and a half years later.

How They Asked

On a hot summer day in the first week of July, Luke picked me up from my house to get a nice Saturday morning breakfast. We went to our favorite breakfast restaurant located in Beaver, PA called Waffles Inc. Having dated about four and a half years, marriage had been a topic of conversation for several years. Luke and I had discussed getting engaged sometime the coming fall, so I was really surprised about what was about to happen.

Proposal Ideas Beaver, PA

While we were enjoying our breakfast together, Luke was secretly coordinating his parents and our photographer at our proposal location two blocks away from where we were eating our breakfast. Luke had his parents clear out the books of this public library box and replaced them with pink roses and a note reading “on to the next chapter”. He also coordinated the neighbors to have the parking spaces cleared so our photographer could be hiding behind her car right across from where Luke would ask me to marry him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Beaver, PA

After eating our breakfast, Luke told me we had to stop by the library box to drop off a book his father had published and had asked if he (Luke) would put it in the box. Driving to the location, he parked his car a little from the box and we walked down together to put the book in. Upon getting the library box, I noticed the flowers and the roses with the note. I still had no idea what was going on (believe it or not)! I was so focused on the beautiful flowers, when I turned around, I saw Luke on his knee, and he asked me to marry him, and I, of course, said yes! I didn’t even notice the photographer across the street until after the proposal, I was in utter bliss and happiness.

Luke's Proposal in Beaver, PA

Special Thanks

Emily Havranek
 | Photographer