Hannah and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I met on an 11-month missions trip called The World Race, where we traveled to 11 different countries. We were placed in the same group of 39 other young adults traveling together for the year so we were able to get to know each other while serving abroad!

Hannah and Luke's Engagement in North Carolina

Proposal Ideas North Carolina

how they asked

Luke proposed on November 11th, 2017. I like the traditional route, so Luke asked my dad for permission to marry me last June. I knew when the conversation took place (we were on a trip to see my family in NC), so I was on pins and needles the next few months. Luke is incredible with planning and surprises, so he confused me so much as to when it would happen. I told him I only had a few requirements: 1) I wanted it photographed. 2) I wanted it to just me him & I, and simple. and 3) I didn’t want a big party afterward. He did just that! The proposal was in Waco, at a place called the Waco Wetlands. It is beautiful there with floating docks and marshes. He set up one of our mutual friends who happens to be a photographer to ask me to come, take pictures with her. Luke had an all-day meeting (or so I thought), but after we got there, I turned the corner and saw him. He had set up a small deck with lights, a charcuterie board, and one of the first wines we had together. As soon as I saw him, I knew what was happening and started crying. It was perfect!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in North Carolina

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