Luke and Anna

Luke's Proposal in City Park, New Orleans

How We Met

Anna: Luke and I met in college at Georgia Tech during our sophomore year. We were friends for five years before we started dating, and our friendship all started with a conversation about Alabama Shakes, one of our favorite bands. We experienced a lot together as friends before we started dating, so I love that we had a strong foundation before we even went on our first date. Just before Luke finally kissed me the first time, he told me I was his musical soulmate. Naturally, our first song had to be an Alabama Shakes hit, “I Found You,” and he had it playing when he proposed.

Luke: We first met my sophomore year of college, which was 7 years ago. She was a friend but we didn’t start dating until 5 years later when we had both graduated. We saw each other at a Georgia tech football game and decided to go out to the bars after the game with some of my friends and some of hers. It was there that I made a move and told her that I have always considered her my musical soulmate and that I’d like to take her out on a real date later that week.

Luke and Anna's Engagement in City Park, New Orleans

how they asked

I’d been driving Luke crazy about proposing because I cannot wait to marry this guy! He did an incredible job of playing it off and keeping it a secret from me. We went to New Orleans for our two year anniversary for a long weekend. I am the planner of the two of us, and I had an elaborate itinerary for the entire trip. We arrived in New Orleans on Friday afternoon and did a quick tour/bar crawl (it is New Orleans, after all) and then checked in to our AirBnB. I had made us dinner reservations, and Luke told me we needed to leave an hour early so we could walk through a park and go to some shops around the restaurant (this was suspicious, Luke does NOT suggest shopping, ever).

We hopped in the uber and arrived at City Park in New Orleans, a beautiful area with a lake and trees with Spanish moss. We walked for 5 or so minutes and came to a bridge that led to a small, secluded area with a bench next to the water. As we crossed the bridge you could hear our song “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes playing in the background. There was a record player (we love music on vinyl), pictures of us, flowers and books set up really beautifully in front of the water. He got down on one knee and I honestly don’t know what he said, but I know I said yes as quickly as possible.

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