Luisa and Patrick

Luisa's Proposal in Home

On the morning of December 25th 2017 my boyfriend and I woke up in our apartment and rushed to exchange christmas gifts because I had a long shift at work ahead of me. I was super bummed because I was going to miss out on Christmas Day with him. So off to work I went. Longest shift of my life! That same night I had just arrived home from that ten hour shift and my boyfriend was at the door with a glass of wine waiting for me. He then continued to wash the dishes which is what he had started doing prior to me getting home. He told me to sit down relax pick a movie out and take out because we planned to stay in that night just the two of us. We had celebrated Christmas Eve with both of our families so it was going to be a chill night for us. So I did. we ordered take out poured more wine and started the movie. About half way through we paused the movie I had mentioned I wanted to slip into my jammies to be more comfortable. So before I went to do just that, he then held my hand and brought me into our dining room and said “I have one more present to give you!” I was like “what do you mean?” He had gifted me some many things that morning. Patrick is an amazing gift giver he is so selfless he loves the holidays because he loves to buy for everyone else he has a huge heart! I was like “what could this be?” so he pulls out this jumbo gift box and I’m looking at him like is this a joke! I was so confused! so he goes on to say “open it!” so I did and it’s a purple pea coat! Back in 2008 Patrick had gifted me a purple pea coat! It was our first Christmas as boyfriend and girlfriend. So here we are nine years later and I’m opening this beautiful and sentimental gift in our apartment that we moved into two years ago! I was so happy I took the pea coat out of the box and immediately tried it on! give him a bunch of kisses! I go to look at myself in the mirror of coarse, just like any woman would do! I continue to slip my hands in the pockets, and there I felt it in my right hand pocket a ring!!! I immediately start hysterically crying I look over to him and he is down on one knee and I’m still just crying! He starts to tear I’m still crying and I am hugging him I could barely let him get a word in. He then continues to ask me to marry him I say YES! YES! YES! We then are forehead to forehead and kiss! And thats all she wrote! It was the most amazing moment of my life! We have been dating for nine years, we have gotten a lot of pressure from family and friends all this time about marriage but we’ve always been very patient with each other about it, we love each other very much and as long as we know that everything else can wait. We always said it would happen at the right time and he would know and feel it, and Patrick did just that in the one special place we share so much together! I could not have asked for a more intimate and perfect night! I love him so much!

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