Luisa and Michael

How We Met

We first met at a Christmas party In 2016. The catering business he worked casually for are close friends of ours and related through family. On two occasions I was set up to meet him but I denied. I wanted to meet someone on my own. However, a month later, we met at a mutual friend’s party and never looked back. It was so embarrassing because we all went out to a club, and my older brother was with us. He spoke to Michael first and came back to tell me that he is a nice guy to talk to. He then called me over to their conversation and left us awkwardly to chat. It was the most embarrassing moment ever. As soon as we started talking, within 5 minutes it was so easy and natural to laugh and continue the conversation. I realized later that night that he was the guy I kept turning down all the month before! He messaged me the next day and it went from there.

How They Asked

He had organized a fake wedding in the hunter valley. The wedding was supposedly for a family friend I hadn’t met yet. He had a fake (but legit) invite made for me to see, and all his siblings packed suit bags and got their makeup done with me to get ready for the event. His parents drove up earlier for the supposed ceremony and Michael and I drove up with his brother and girlfriend later for the reception.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hunter Valley, Australia

We got to our rooms and everyone complained they were tired from the drive up, so they went to rest in their rooms. When we got up to get ready for the reception, Emma (Michael’s brother’s girlfriend), has told me that the boys had gone for a drink at the bar with Michael’s parents and they had organized a buggy to pick us up from our room at the Crowne.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hunter Valley, Australia

While we were being driven to the reception, Emma was distracting me with photos, so I wouldn’t see the display in the distance. When we arrived at the front I saw Michael ready and behind him, a Gazebo all dressed in white sheets and fairy lights, with light-up letters saying marry me. He walked me closer, then got down on one knee and proposed!!!

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