Luisa and Luis


How We Met

“Too young to have a boyfriend”, was the thought that ran through my mind when Luis asked me to be his girlfriend. Frightened about my mother’s reaction, I said “Yes, but nobody can know about it.” For Two exciting-nerve racking years Luis and I were dating without the public knowing about it. We managed to keep it a secret until I finally introduced Luis as my boyfriend during my Sweet 15th Birthday Party.

It all started September 11th, 2000 when we saw each other for the first time (not the most pleasant encounter). I arrived to the U.S for the first time on 9/10/00 at the age of 12, and was asked by my aunt to buy some cheese at the Grocery store were Luis worked. I (being very shy and timid) was embarrassed by Luis in front of everyone at the store, which made me go back to my aunt’s house crying and not wanting to be sent to the store ever again. BUT…I kept being sent to the store to buy the groceries and from September 2000 to February 14, 2001 we continued bumping into each other at the Bodega (Grocery store, which I LOVED ). :)

February 14th, 2001 was the date when we began dating and throughout the years (now 15 and counting) have managed to grow together (LITERALLY) , love each other unconditionally and always appreciating the blessings that God gives us (becoming the happiest parents is the BIGGEST of the blessings). WE do not consider each other to be a perfect couple, but we value the perfection of our imperfections, which is the core of our Union!

At my 15th Birthday Party


One of our first pictures together ( YEAH THE MEDIA WAS NOT AS IT IS NOW WITH THE PICTURES FEVER..LOL )


My Prom date —-06/03/2005


how they asked

Luis—-really blew me away- and I mean BLEW ME AWAY!

OK, as much as I like to be a details person I will do my best in keeping the description short (sorry if I do not try my best :).

We went on a family vacation (Luis, our beautiful princess and I) to the Dominican Republic on 11/12/15. Although we spoke about our marriage celebration ever since we were teenagers, I would have never imagined that Luis would propose while we were on vacation. Before we arrived to the Dominican Republic, Luis and I had planned on visiting this nice restaurant which is located in the Capital of the country by the beautiful beach waters. Aside from that, since Luis’ birthday is 11/23 I had been hiding from him that his cousin (one of his two best men) was joining us in the Dominican Republic on 11/20/15. Well, turns out that we had to end up telling Luis about this surprise and he found out last minute that his cousin was also going to the Dominican Republic.

So, Long story short…Luis forgot the ring at home (with his mother since he hid it for a couple of weeks). And THANK GOD he forgot it, because all of our luggage were above the weight limit and we had to open each and every  single one. If Luis would have had the ring with him, chances are I would have found out at the airport. So, his cousin took the ring with him since he left U.S on 11/20.

On 11/18/15 Luis tells me that we are booked for a dinner at Boca Marina Restaurant (the one that we had planned on visiting) for 11/20/16 (the same day his cousin got to the Dominican Republic). When we got to the restaurant (which was almost a 3hrs drive from the town where we were staying) my mouth dropped open. I could not believe the beauty of everything….from the decor of the tables to the bathrooms. Candles were lit everywhere and the staff members were all dressed in white (as the theme of the restaurant).


NEVER did it cross my mind what was about to happen, since our table was not the only one looking so romantically beautiful.


We were enjoying the dinner and at the end…Luis asked for the dessert (and since I am not a picky eater I did not even bother asking what he ordered..anything dessert..I LOVE!). My daughter had been running around the table area and I turned around to get her and when I turned back to our table… eyes could not believe what I was seeing. Luis said his speech, which I could not even here or process because of how shocked I was. He got on one knee and asked me to Marry him!!!! Everything was so surreal and magical, it took me some LONG seconds to let go of him when everyone started clapping and saying ” but put the ring on”.

By the way the beautiful speech was as follows ( I had to ask him afterwards to repeat it to me when we were alone :):

“We have been together for almost 15 years and this is the perfect night to ask you the most important question of my life..Will you marry me?”


The moment when I said “SIIIIIIIIII” ( YES in Spanish)