Luisa and Jacob

Luisa and Jacob's Engagement in Ice castles in Dillon, Colorado

How We Met

We were both studying mechanical engineering at a small tech university in Florida. He was always this super smart quiet kid I knew from passing. Three months before graduation (after which I was suppose to leave the country!) , he asked me out in one of our classes! Wouldn’t have expected that my whole life would change from that one moment in a boring engineering class.

How They Asked

He took me to the ice castles in Dillon as a surprise for my birthday, which was the day before. At one point, we came across this big ice wall with changing lights that was a big picture spot. I really wanted to get a picture there with the rainbow lights backdrop and insisted we waited in line for a picture. When it was our turn, I asked some passing girl to take our picture. It was perfect timing for it too because the crowds had died down so not many people were staring at us. After a couple shots, he starts fidgeting to get into his pocket closest to me. I tell him, stop moving, we’re taking pictures! Then I see a little box and very slowly my brain begins to process what is happening. From then on, everything felt like it was in slow motion. The whole thing took only one or two minutes but to me it felt like 10! He gets on one knee and I’m utterly shocked. He pops the question and I’m so flustered I even forgot to answer at first. When I finally replied softly, he got up and we hugged! That’s when I start hearing cheers from a huge crowd that had just shown up and seen it all. I didn’t even have the ring on yet because I had these bulky gloves on. Not knowing what to do, I take my gloves off and grab the ring and put it on myself. With the cold and darkness, I was terrified I’d drop the ring. We kissed and quickly ran away from all the people. It was perfect.