Luisa and Brian


How We Met: The year is 2008. I’m a student going to art school living in Chicago, about to head on a summer trip to India to feed orphans, discuss spirituality and learn more about the culture. But God has other plans. When you live in Chicago, you experience your fair share of colder-than-crap days, so I take every chance I get to go outside and frolic. One day, during a fateful and ridiculous sunny April day- I go on a picnic with my then-boyfriend. I decide that the best way to entertain myself is to chase a real, live goose that is running around on the lakefront (I might be a little high on sunshine). But the goose isn’t having it.

Instead of playing along, he literally kicks me (I’m not making this up), I fall over on a tree root that is sticking out of the ground, and I snap my ankle in half. Thus begins my love story. I’m hastily stuffed into a cab, shoved into a boot for my ankle, draped over some crutches and explicitly told NOT TO GO GO INDIA. I mope. My summer plans are ruined. And instead of sulking, one of my friends suggests that I join a summer project happening right in Chicago.

Lame, I think, I was going to spend my summer gallivanting the Indian countryside (probably more like sweating on an Indian bus that smells like curry- but you get the idea). I do not want to go on some dumb summer project that exists two streets over from where I already live. But of course, I go anyway.
On the first night of project, we make a circle to introduce ourselves. Boys on one side, girls on the other- like an unzipped zipper. None of them come near us- none of us go near them.

Enter, Brian Beesley. Brian sees me, clad in my sexy ankle-boot, and crosses the whole silent and awkwardly coughing room of people, to sit next to me. But like I said, I have a ‘then-boyfriend’ so as soon as Brian finds out (he’s such a great guy), he scatters like a cockroach in the light- and I don’t see him again until the MOST inopportune times in my life. Three months later- my ‘then-boyfriend’ and I are in a huge fight during Valentine’s Day weekend- and I go to a conference with school. Guess who happens to be there?Brian Beesley.

Six months after that- I go to a cute wedding in the countryside where again, my ‘then-boyfriend’ and I are in a huge fight- and guess who happens to be there? Brian Beesley. We avoid each other. It’s one of those avoidances that happen when you know (because you know, because you know) that the other person and you have something sizzling beneath the surface that would absolutely make your ‘then-boyfriend’ very very angry.

Two and a half years go by. In 2010, I am working a job I hate and finally sick of fighting with my ‘then-boyfriend’. We have a massive break-up in the winter time that causes me to cut my hair, re-examine my life, and quit my job. Guess who calls me on the day I quit? Brian Beesley. My friends think he’s a rebound. I think, everything happens for a reason. Brian Beesley asks me to be his girlfriend on April 1st (April Fools Day). Everyone thinks it’s a joke. But we know.

how they asked: So Brian Beesley and I date for one year exactly until March 31st rolls around again. I’m ready for him to propose on February 1st. But he doesn’t. Then, March 1st rolls around. Still nothing.

Finally, I’m getting a little desperate. I call my mom and threaten to break up with him if he doesn’t get a move-on. Come on, he is the most awesome guy I’ve ever met and WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?
So to explain better I have to explain a little bit about Brian. First, he’s the thinker. I’m the do-er. He thinks and thinks about things before he does them. So I wait patiently, thinking that he’s thinking. And worry that he’s doubting me, and doubting everything. But really, he’s planning.

On the Friday before he proposes, I get a sneaking suspicion that my parents are in town. I don’t know why, I just feel it. But deep down, I also have a mounting dread- this bad voice inside my mind that says ‘Brian isn’t going to propose. He hasn’t even said I love you. He doesn’t want to marry you.’
Silly me- I believe the bad voice.

On Friday, we go out to dinner and he makes a VERY BIG DEAL about it. YES, I think, IT’S HAPPENING. I get super dressed up,  I am talking SPARKLES. I arrive at the restaurant and look around for my parents. We order appetizers, and I look around more. Where are they? What is happening? Where is my proposal? We eat dinner, still nothing. We eat dessert. Still nothing. By this point, I kind of hate Brian. Trust me, you would too. I want to dump him and never see him again and cry in my pajamas while I watch Mean Girls. I want him to suffer.

The next day, I wear a horrendous outfit to brunch. Because I’m angry. Brian wants to have brunch and then go play video games at his house. Fine, whatever, I don’t care if we play video games. I was going to get proposed to this weekend, so pretty much everything that isn’t that – sucks. I sulk all day.
When we get to his house- Brian is in a very strange mood. He keeps looking at me and looking at me. I stare at the television. He keeps asking me if I want to take a nap. But I’m not sleepy at all. My anger is making me super energized. It’s swirling through me like an energy drink buzzing in my veins.

So Brian starts yawning. If you’re sleepy, I say- take a nap. But he’s not sleepy. The little bugger is trying to get me to fall asleep. Finally, I lay down. Whatever, I don’t want to talk to you- might as well take a nap. Ten minutes later, I open my eyes. Brian is gone- and in front of me, is a long red ribbon. I pick up the red ribbon, and it leads to an envelope that’s scotch-taped to a window. Oh God, I think, it’s happening.

So outside the window is Brian’s best friend waiting for me with a car and more clues- where we first met, where we first talked, where we first kissed. We drive around grabbing clue after clue after clue.
At the last clue, you guessed it- is Brian Beesley.


Brian gets down on one knee, tells me he loves me for the first time ever, and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.






The next day, is April Fools.