Luis and Silvana's Garden Proposal

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how we met

In October 2009, Luis was attending law school at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Luis was part of the student board and had organized an international law symposium at Monterrey. Meanwhile, Silvana was attending Law School at UVM in Sonora, Mexico, and was one of the attendees to Luis’ law symposium. At the end of the symposium, there was a farewell party in a cortijo, where they met each other for the first time.

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It was love at first sight. They both felt it, but they never thought it would become real since they lived in different cities and distance would be a major issue. Nonetheless, they started talking by the phone more and more over the course of the years. Luis started visiting Silvana, but obviously, distance had its obstacles and ended their conversations many times during the 4-year period. When Luis moved to NYC to pursue his master’s degree, they knew it was all over.

But with all odds against them, they both got job offers in Mexico City! Coincidence? Destiny? We will never know, but it sure was a crucial point in the beginning of this wonderful relationship.

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how they asked

Luis had told Silvana he had some client meeting in San Francisco, CA, on August 2015 (it was all a lie; part of the plan) and invited her to join him so they could go to Napa Valley for the weekend. Little did Silvana know what was coming ahead. On the day Luis proposed, they went all morning to different winery tours and arrived for check-in at the hotel around 4:00 pm. When they arrived, there was a huge delay in all check-ins. Luis snuck away from Silvana and explained to hotel management that he needed to receive a room urgently, since he was going to pop the question in a couple of hours and no time could be lost.

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Luis told Silvana he had arranged a reservation at Auberge du Soleil at 7:00 pm. In truth, the reservation was at 8:00 pm, but arrangements with Auberge were that the couple would arrive at 7:00 pm and they would be told they arrived too early for their reservation but they could take a tour of their garden while they wait. Due to the delays at the hotel and the tiredness from visiting wineries all day, Silvana thought it would be better to stay and not go to Auberge (you can imagine Luis frustration at the moment). Finally, Luis convinced Silvana it was a good idea to go, the couple arrived and, as already planned, they arrived too early. Silvana reminded Luis it was a better idea to stay at the hotel.

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Once again, little did she knew it was all part of the plan. Silvana and Luis proceeded to the garden and for Silvana’s surprise, there was a picnic table waiting for them, where Luis got in one knee and popped the question. She said yes!

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