Luis and Christina

How we met

Luis and I met in January of 2006 when we were both 18. I knew who he was because I worked with his brother at a shoe store in the mall but I was never formally introduced to him. His best friend, Carlos invited my friend Amanda and I to hang out at his dorm one Saturday night and said he would call over a friend so I wouldn’t feel like a third wheel. Luckily, it happened to be Luis! I will never forget this day because he was dressed up in a polo shirt but wearing Nike sandals. Carlos jokes that he was so in a hurry to meet me, that he didn’t have time to put on shoes! I remember thinking he was very quiet at first but he really opened up and surprisingly asked for my number while walking me to my car. A few weeks later, he took me out on my first date to catch a movie at the mall and grab a bite to eat at Applebee’s. It was just us two from then on.

how they asked

My girlfriends and I had planned a board game night at our friend Jessica’s house in Wesley Chapel on Saturday, June 10th. Luis always said I would never know when he would propose or expect it. He planned to propose on June 10th because the 10th is our anniversary (in March). He texted my best friend, Nicole asking if she could help him with his proposal and also asked if she could find a way to reschedule the game night. Luis originally wanted to take me out to a fancy dinner and had an intimate proposal lined up.

Unfortunately, no one budged on rescheduling game night so Luis and Nicole came up with an even better plan – he could incorporate the proposal into one of the games! They decided it would be funny if Luis proposed during the game, “speak out!” Which just so happened to be the one game I didn’t want to play all night. They tried to convince everyone to play in teams of couples but everyone insisted we played boys versus girls. Luis knew exactly who to choose as his teammate and chose our friend Melvin. Melvin definitely had no clue what was going on and kept guessing incorrectly every time Luis was saying “will you marry me?”

Finally, time ran out and Luis pulled the ring out of his pocket and dropped to one knee. I was so in shock that I literally was speechless. I felt like I couldn’t hear anything anyone was saying even though I could hear everyone screaming with joy! I have never been more shocked and surprised in my entire life! He was so nervous that he even tried to place the ring on the wrong hand and before I could blurt out a, “yes!” All I could say was, “wrong hand!”

Technically it was June 11th by this time at night because I avoided the Speak Out game for so long but now I will have funny Speak Out memories forever! No one knew of Luis’ proposal plans and everyone (besides Nicole) were genuinely just as surprised.

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