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How We Met

Amit Kalantri said once; “Few people when meeting the first time they feel that meeting each other was the purpose of their life.” – To Anthony and I was that case

People have different ways to meet one another. I kind of chose the easiest way and that is to start searching for candidates through dating sites. Anthony and I met on – on one hot summer back in 2016 – What drew me to write to him right away was the term I saw on his profile ‘Phlebotomist’. I didn’t know that word and that intrigued me. I thought maybe it has to do with his current job – and I was right. When I first messaged Anthony, I asked what ‘Phlebotomist’ meant – and he answered me ‘I take blood samples from people’. I, then shared with him that I took First Aid Classes in the Army when I served and one of the classes was to learn how to draw blood from patients. To have been in the Armed Forces was something that I will always cherish because I learned a lot while I was in. After a few messages and days of talking, we found out that we grew up in the same neighborhood – only a few blocks away from each other – but we never met. We then decided to meet up. I have told him that I was going to visit my parents in Jersey City and that we could meet up there. This worked perfectly because he lived in that neighborhood anyway so ‘Yes’ we agreed on meeting up.

Luis's Proposal in Newark, New Jersey

I originally have told him to meet me at Subway and to wait for me inside because I wanted to buy sandwiches for my parents and this restaurant was on the way to their house. While I was walking the sidewalk, something told me to stop by at Blimpie. I stood outside and looked through the window and there he was, waiting for me sitting down. I went inside and told him ‘This is not Subway’ – leaving the restaurant we agreed to meet up a couple of hours later to our now favorite gay bar in Jersey City ‘Pint’. At my mom’s, I told her who I had just met and she then proceeded with; “What are you doing here? Go and get to know this mysterious guy.” Hours later we met at ‘Pint’ and talked for hours while we watched the 2016 debate. A week passed and I saw myself at my mom talking about him. I will never forget what my mom told me that night; “Luis, you have traveled the world looking for love with no success. You also had no idea who was back here in Jersey City. You probably saw each other walking around the same sidewalk without knowing that God will put your paths back again years later.”

Two weeks after we met I went on a 2 weeks’ vacation to the Middle East. I remember talking to Anthony about this one day. That same day at night time I said to myself; ‘I had just met this guy – I mean I kind of like him but I can’t just cancel my trip just like that.’ Anthony and I agreed of picking up our conversation once I return from my trip. Little did we know was that we were going to text, chat and Skype every day while I was on the other part of the world. I remember live-chatting with him at my Hostal in Jerusalem.

When I got back from my trip it was like nothing happened – like I was never away. We went on several dates until he asked me to be his boyfriend on New Year’s Day.

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how they asked


I have always wanted to write our story, but I had doubts How to do it, What to write, When to do it, Where to start from, Which story to begin with, and mostly Whom to share it with. Yes, we have different stories but only one word behind them – ‘Love’. At first I had trouble writing it – How can I put both stories together so I can make my point get across? That’s what I asked myself all the time. I won’t lie to you, it took me days to write it and even longer to edit it – but I’m glad how it came out = “PERFECT” in my eyes!

Every story is different – Well, we have two! Anthony and I can testify that we have Opposite Attractions and we like it that way. I am very detailed and organized while he is very spontaneous and straight to the point. Our differences took a major part during our proposals.

These two stories may be different but the meaning and feeling behind them is the same. The two proposals is what complete us both as one soul.

MY PROPOSAL: I started doing everything four (4) weeks before I asked him to marry me that evening. We live together, so I wanted to do it at our home. I always waited for him to go to work so I can start my projects. I did a lot of DIY’s. I visited a lot of stores and I even asked people for advise, but at the end it was my creativity that helped me the most. I wanted it to be special, unique; something that will come from my heart and brain. The day I proposed was a Sunday and all the flower shops were closed so I hired an Uber driver for 3 hours – we drove and drove and nothing. He even called his friends and family to find a flower shop – you could have imaged how I felt, not to be able to find an open store anywhere. Then… while looking through the window defeated, my inner me in my head told me ‘Walmart’ and this is where I found a single Red Rose. We quickly rushed home and waited for close friends and my mom to show up – I wanted them to witness this. Old fashioned Luis even called his dad to ask permission to marry him and so he did while giving me his blessing as well. There I was – waiting for him holding the rose while other watched —— when he suddenly opened the door and saw me standing there, the same way you see it in the picture. I knelt in front of him and gave the greatest speech I have ever given in my life. He said ‘Yes” and I was happy, he was happy, everybody were happy.
?When Anthony and I first started talking, he discovered that I was a ‘Backpacker’ and that I loved traveling the world – he was able to use what I love the most, something personal into the proposal – That to me was magical. I always remind him of this and I also remind him that I just don’t love him – but I’m still in love with him.

HIS PROPOSAL: Anthony and I decided to travel to Cuba in ‘Support for the Cuban People’. I have told him that I always wanted to go to that island and help the community. When they opened the land for us, the Americans, we didn’t think twice and booked a flight. I also told Anthony that we should hire a photographer because I wanted our trip to be memorable, and so we did. The day we met the photographer, Anthony waited until I stepped away for a moment to talk to him without me knowing. An hour later, we went to a nearby hotel, we went up through spiral stairs and when I turned my back for a moment he decided to kneel and waited for me to turn back to face him – and there he was kneeling – in front of a lot of people and then he said: “I want you to have your own moment – I want you to experience the joy of being asked for marriage, the feeling to have your own engagement ring, the excitement of telling people I knelt in front of you – will you marry me?” I was speechless, no words to say – I just nodded ‘YES’ while crying in happiness.

Until this day, I tell Anthony that Cuba is and will always be so special to me!!!

…and this is how our own
NeverEnding Story began

Ps. Our Wedding Day is on October 13 (Sunday) by the way

Luis & Anthony Agosto-Sosa


Ps. Luis’ Proposal was on August 06, 2017 in Newark, NJ USA

Anthony’s Proposal was on April 29, 2018 in Havana, Cuba

Luis and Anthony's Engagement in Newark, New Jersey

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