Lucy and Brian

How they met: Brian and Lucy met while attending Christendom Catholic College in Front Royal, Virginia.

how they asked: Prior to Brian popping the big question he had contacted me with an idea – his master plan. Brian explained that he was ready to pop the questions to his girlfriend Lucy in the next few weeks. As a photographer I was excited about the idea of capturing his proposal!

We met for coffee later that week to discuss brain’s plans; as a magician on the side since a young age he decided to surprise lucy with a ring as part of showing off a new magic trick he had been practicing for an upcoming show. On the day Brian choose to propose we met up at the location of his choice: The gazeboo in downtown Front Royal, Virginia. We walked through his plan one more time and I gave him tips on the best spot to stand so I could capture the best images possible and grab a shot of Lucy’s reaction. Then he left to go pick her up to go on a “date”. When they returned they walked around a little and chatted (Oh at this point i felt SO creepy watching…and waiting to whip my camera out and capture). Brian then walked over with Lucy in the position we hand determined and showed off his magic trick. Using a coin in his hand he made it disappear. But reached behind his ear and pulled out not the missing coin but the RING….and she said YES!!

Image 5 of Lucy and Brian Image 6 of Lucy and Brian Image 7 of Lucy and Brian Image 1 of Lucy and Brian Image 2 of Lucy and Brian Image 3 of Lucy and Brian Image 4 of Lucy and Brian

Photographer: Jon Fleming Photography