Lucy and Ross

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How We Met

Ross and I are childhood sweethearts, our paths have been closely intertwined and we’re honestly each others rocks.
We’re from the same hometown, went to the same school, our careers are literally wrapped around each other allowing us to understand, support and grown with one another.

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how they asked

I was 25 in October 2014, Ross wrote in my birthday card that I would need to take off 2 weeks for our 9 year anniversary the following 24th July… I was a little disappointed with such a wait for my present!

Then in the run up to July I received the following clues on the 24th of each month:
Clue 1 – March: A picture of 50 Cent
Clue 2 – April: A riddle about pirates (pirates say AARGH)
Clue 3 – May: An EE sim card (EE)
Clue 4 – June: A poem was text to the sim about ‘following your heart across the sea’ (sea = C)
Clue 5 – July: A picture of the Statue of Liberty (this completely threw me off!)

The day before we were due to start our time off, he told me we were going to Santorini in Greece, hence the first 4 clues!
We arrived on the Tuesday, our anniversary not until the Friday. He was as cool as a cucumber. For example there wasn’t a safe in our room, nor did he act odd when going through customs. My dreams and nights lying awake imagining it all happening were crushed!

On the morning of our anniversary I was on absolute tender hooks! I’d probed about what the plans were for the day, but there was nothing! I was the one that found and called a restaurant to book a table for us that evening! Again, I was very disappointed. I’d purchased all the waterproof makeup I possibly could, a beautiful dress and heels… Just in case! But because I was so convinced it was not happening, I didn’t wear any of it!!

Ross suggested we walk up the top of our resort to a little church we had watched many people get married in as we sunbathed. He acted very strangely as we walked up the hill, making sure I was walking in front of him. Once up the top we had a little mooch around when he told me to sit on a wall…

All at once he got down on one knee, I put my hands over my mouth, I literally could not breathe! He pulled out a piece of paper which had been stained to look like an old scroll. He began to read a poem…

‘Clue number 5 isn’t much of a clue,
Instead this is just how much I love you.
You’re probably still wondering about the Statue of Liberty?
Your diamond is from NYC,
Will you marry me?’
And he pulled out the most beautiful pear shaped diamond, halo ring I have ever seen! I literally fell to my knees saying of course of course!

He had to ply me off him to get the ring on my finger!! It was the best day of my life and I cannot wait to become his wife!

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